Saturday, April 03, 2010

What I wore...

So I finally jumped onto a bandwagon that I used to hang out on years ago (since I've always thought visually, so in a time before blogging when I wrote in real diaries, I used to sketch my outfit for the day at the end of the entry as an aide-mémoire)

Green Bean Studios draws her outfits much more beautifully than I do and seeing them got me thinking that returning to the habit might also be a way for forcing me to draw more.

On Wednesday night I found myself sketching my outfit for the evening in one of the many notebooks I'd been gifted by my benefactor:Then last night, while finishing the latest Uppercase magazine, there it was: a whole article on the What I wore today movement*.

So I got out of bed, found my notebook and sketched Thursday and Friday:
(It'll be interesting to see how long this lasts. And more importantly how repetitively boring it becomes with all the stripes and work uniforms...)
*Just before the article on black and white stripes.

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Sarah said...

I have done this too on a few occassions-not as a regular thing though. I was just thinking today how I wear something striped nearly every day. Repetitive but lovely!