Thursday, May 24, 2012

Birthday cake

Birthday lunch with workmates today.

"We got you a cake" they said:
Best birthday cake ever! (There were two real ones from Silo as well, for those who had a larger appetite...)

Monday, May 14, 2012


Insipred by a homewares store pull out in the latest marie claire, I (finally) bought shiny silver spray paint and gave my "ghost" chair a makeover....
And then I ordered a few more. (Chairs, not cans of spray paint.)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Show stash

Reac ball chair in limited edition black: $30. Armchair in brocade:$10 (part of a lot I bought for a Lundby and a Lisa chest, but might scrub up with a change of fabric). Two side chairs: $14 the pair (I'm planning a makeover on these)
White plastic bed: $7.50. Another makeover in the offing...
Black wrought iron bed with bedding: $12
(I think I'll be using the base by itself as well...)
The vintage lot: Spice rack (I assume Bodo Hennig?): $2.50. Set of Caroline's Home perspex bowls: $3. Silver bottle: $10. Bodo Hennig trolley: $10 (I didn't find this until the second day, after I'd visited the stall at least three times. I was very happy). Picture: 50 cents (part of a lot with a mirror). Recovered Lundby stool: part of lot with the two chests and the armchair pictured previously. Scooter book ends: 50 cents (Part of a lot including the white plastic basket). Telephone: 50 cents.
(See why the trolley made me so happy?)
Collection of plants on crate: 50 cents.
Knitting set: $5.

I also came home with a pile of International Dolls House News magazines, some crafting and lighting supplies and a book box which probably won't be used for minis...

Fabulous food!

I hope you're not feeling hungry...

(All food from Kim's Miniatures stall at The Sydney Show. Purchase online here (remembering the prices are in $NZ which currently works out to around 78 US cents)

Div's latest creation

Was displayed for the first time at The Sydney Show:

Like the Rose Seidler House, it's in 3/4" scale.

Div has written a whole back story to the house, which wasn't on display when I took the photos and I forgot to go back and photograph it later in the weekend. Hopefully she'll send me a copy and I can add it in here...
(Look! Marimekko plates!)
(And a brick bookcase!)