Sunday, July 24, 2011

And since I had the walls up anyway...

... I thought I'd play with some newish pieces: a fabulous Minimodernista clock I was given for my birthday and some vintage German furniture I won off eBay a couple of months ago.

At first I thought I could make the other corner of the bedroom I put together earlier today.
but decided to do a lounge corner instead.I was pretty happy at this stage, all I needed was a few layers of "story".

A throw, a book to read, and a little something to drink. But, somehow, drinking bubbles by yourself just doesn't feel right.

Luckily I had another matching chair. And another glass.Perfect!Now, what are we celebrating?

Pushing the envelope

My miniature mojo returned around 3am this morning, when I woke up with a start and knew exactly what I needed to do with all those security envelopes I've somehow started keeping over the past few weeks...

A few minutes with the 1" square punch, some graph paper and a glue stick. followed by some scanning, fabric printing and sewing and voila:
I call it my security blanket...

Thursday, July 07, 2011


"Dismayed by the destruction of our architectural heritage, artist John Radford has recreated a suburb in miniature. And he's selling the houses off the plan."

The first Graft Street Party 2010 in the Q Theatre construction site from John Radford on Vimeo.

Story here, website here.

(I rather fancy owning a house in Auckland...)

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Feeling the Frankie...

Who says wallpaper should only be used on the wall? A quick trip through the laminating machine and yesterday's wallpaper suddenly becomes today's lino.

Add a vintage chair (another piece from an eBay estate sale job lot) and a few other bits and bobs and suddenly I have the beginnings of a studio reading corner. You can just imagine that the pieces in the photo have been sourced at no great cost from various op shops and markets to provide inspiration to the artist, who uses this corner to relax and regroup.

And what exactly is on those shelves?

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Not quite Frankie

But, you know, if you squint I might be getting close)Even a more modern chair doesn't help much...But I bought a MIP roll of this vintage wallpaper for $5 and so help me, I'm going to make it work in a modern scene*.

Just not today, as I've lost the light...

(*Want some? Let me know: I have 13 2/3 yards of the stuff to use up)

Back to school

The starting point: Alphabet fabric from M1K1, schoolroom clock from Call of the Small and a simple, beautiful table and chair from Mitchymoo Miniatures. Plus a giant apple from a recent Re-ment set purchased on eBay.A schoolroom themed scene it was going to be!

I added another recent flokati rug knitting project, my blackboard and a large overstuffed chair I made years ago. Which, unfortunately, was quite the wrong shade of red.I really really really wanted to use the clock so added it to one side of the scene, balancing it out with a vintage block I picked up from an op shop in Wollongong.And added a red Mitchymoo stool underneath with the herb box from the same set as the apple.

Then all I needed to do was layer the details:
and I was done.

(What sort of natural herbs are they exactly? Hmmm....)

The final step was to take a couple of horizontal shots to use as desktop wallpaper:
Before putting everything away.

Orange you lovely?

The end result.

More orange and pink inspiration

Take one orange desk lamp.Add one fabric remnant picked up at Clegs' remnant sale on a recent trip to Melbourne, and one newly knitted pink flokati rug.
Mix with various bits of furniture from the stash...
...and leave to rise.

Inspiration from Amsterdam, via New Zealand

This photo from last month's Urbis magazine, leaped out at me. Partly because of the grey walls which is a colour I've been working with lately, but also because I have an almost identical AG Minis desk lamp that I've not used in a scene yet:I was planning to scan it but before I got around to it Urbis launched a website which included the article in question. Yay, Urbis!

Here's my first trial:I wanted to use a grey armchair but I don't have one. Yet. So a piece of my vintage Concord sectional had to do. No stool of the right height either. Or white painted floorboards: something that's been on my list for weeks. But, overall, I'm pretty happy with it.

I decided to try adding the pink flokati rug
I knitted this week, which works too:But it still needs a bit of oomph, so I swapped out the lamp which originally inspired the scene with a recent arrival from Mitchymoo Miniatures' swap parcel. Which lights up!

I also (finally)remembered I have some Tord Boontje-esque bits downstairs which I bought to use as napkin rings. Which, although not white like the original, will work as a light shade. (Now if only I'd completed those black cushions
I said I needed to add to the armchair...)

And for those of you who enjoy behind the scenes pictures:

(Credits on FLICKR)