Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Drinks and dolls' house minis

Tonight a group of us from our work's Innovation Network visited Questacon's Technology Learning Centre for a work-related event. I expected it to be interesting and informative. What I didn't expect was to see this:
Computer screen showing a miniature 3D printed sofa from Thingiverse.
3D printer printing a miniature sofa.
And get to keep this!
Miniature 3D-printed sofa in an empty wine glass in front of the 3D printer that printed it.

Monday, July 07, 2014

Minis for free

Custom fabric and wallpaper printing company Spoonflower usually offers its subscribers free samples of new fabrics they're offering.

I was very pleased to get the latest offer, which was for their faux suede: which I thought would be very useful for mini rugs. The pattern I chose was new zealand stamps with kiwi (sic), which I believed would give me lots of cool possibilities to play with.
Mailing envelope from fabric-printing company Spoonflower with a sample of their faux suede fabric printed with New Zealand stamps.
My sample arrived on Friday
Piece of faux suede fabric printed with New Zealand stamps, with one large stamp cut out.
and I wasted no time cutting out my first rug and testing its suitability:
Modern miniature dolls house rug in the pattern of a giant New Zealand stamp, with a red Eames rocking chair sitting on it.
I think I'll be buying more of this.

Did you take advantage of the faux suede offer? If so, what pattern did you choose (and what are you doing with it?)

Sunday, July 06, 2014

School sewing

Miniature holiday home interior with a sewing machine, fabric, tape measure, pin cushion and scissors on an old desk.
This weekend I've been sewing up a storm at Margell.

With winter well and truly arrived, it's time to work on making things as cosy as possible around here. The first step is to make some blinds for the windows to keep as much of the warm in as possible.
Miniature holiday home kitchen with a roman blind at the window. On the kitchen table is a half-eaten sandwich, a magazine and a pair of reading glasses.
Not bad for a first try!