Saturday, February 28, 2015

Waffling on the weekend

It's my last weekend before I start studying.

I have the latest issues of two of my favourite magazines as yet unread.

And a lovely new white cotton waffle-weave blanket from Just Bedding (long-time readers will know of my love of decent bed linen).
Freshly-made bed with a white waffle-weave blanket and a copy of Flow magazine and Uppercase magazine on it.
So what's a girl to do but make the bed and return to it for a day of luxurious languid reading?
Close up of a freshly-made bed with a white waffle-weave blanket and a copy of Flow magazine and Uppercase magazine on it.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Finish it off Friday freak out

I made the fatal mistake of thinking it was a good idea to start gathering my unfinished (hell, unstarted!) kits together in one place:
Plastic storage container full of dolls' house miniature kits.
The really freaky thing is that this is only the more recent ones: I know I have a stash of older ones tucked away somewhere. Including kits that have moved country. Twice.

Perhaps this week's #FinishitoffFriday challenge should be to dig them out, consolidate them all and face the fact that I have enough to keep me going for quite some time?

Friday, February 20, 2015

Monday, February 16, 2015

Spotted something missing?

I guess you may have noticed a severe lack of folding chairs at yesterday's party.
Modern dolls' house miniature black folding chair with black and white spotty seat and back.
 Never fear, they are being worked on, but the paint wasn't dry in time for the set up. Which made me decide I needed to leave space at the party for mingling (and maybe dancing).
Modern dolls' house miniature black folding chairs with black and white spotty seats and backs, plus a roll of fabric tape and a pair of scissors in the foreground.
Besides, the chairs had decided to head in a whole different direction once I remembered the spotty fabric tape I picked up on my last trip to Daiso...

Sunday, February 15, 2015

(School) house party

And so the day of the party finally arrived. The bunting is up. And everything's ready for the first guest.

And here you are! Welcome! You're right on time!
Miniature dolls' house school with bunting reading 'blogiversary' tied to the front verandah.
Do come inside.
Entry to a miniature dolls' house school with garden chair and a table outside.
View through the front door of a miniature dolls' house school, showing the kitchen with a selection of drinks arranged.
 There's heaps to drink. Grab a glass.
Kitchen of a miniature dolls' house holiday home, with glasses and plates arranged ready for a party, and various drinks on display behind.
 Would you prefer non-alcoholic
Selection of miniature dolls' house non-alcoholic drinks arranged in a kitchen, ready for a party.
 or alcoholic?
Selection of miniature dolls' house alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks arranged in a kitchen, ready for a party.
There's quite a spread to chose from (I'm expecting rather a crowd).
Selection of miniature dolls' house party food arranged in a living area, ready for a party.
 There's even a specially-iced cake to mark the occasion. We'll cut it later in the night when everyone's here. In the meantime, help yourself to something sweet,
Selection of miniature dolls' house cakes arranged on a desk, including one with the number 9 iced on the top of it.
Miniature dolls' house savoury food arranged on a table, including sushi, nuts, olives and two sorts of pizza.
and, of course, there's lots of cheese.
Miniature dolls' house finger food arranged on a coffee table, including a bowl of chips, a cheese and grape platter and a bowl of fudge,
Miniature dolls' house cheese platter on a table next to a pile of plates, In the background is a seating area.
Take a seat, if you wish. I'm sure more guests will arrive shortly.
A miniature dolls' house living room seating area, set up for a party with finger food on the coffee table.
A miniature dolls' house living room, set up for a party with food, seating and plates arranged.
My muso friends were tuning up earlier and have just ducked into town to collect a couple of last minute things. They'll be back soon and then things will really get started.
A miniature dolls' house veranda, with seating, a bottle and glass of wine, a recorder, guitar, ukulele and sheet of music.
Feel free to grab a chair outside and wait for them to return. If you get peckish you can access the food from out there.
View from a miniature dolls' house veranda to inside where there is a table laden with cakes.
 Blogging for nine years? I know, who would have thought?
View of a miniature dolls' house veranda with a selection of musical instruments arranged on it. In front, tied to a paost, is bunting reading 'blog'.
I'm glad you could make it!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

It's a start

Black and white miniature bunting, spelling out the word 'blogiversary'
This morning I dug out the black and white bunting pieces I bought from Scrapmatts at the 2013 craft show.

And then I went on the hunt for my booze supplies
A selection of bottles of miniature alcohol.
(most of which I found in still in the Brio, after that New Year's Eve party...)

Friday, February 13, 2015

Finish it off Friday: Five months?

A pile of partly-painted modern dolls' house miniature folding chair kit parts.
On one hand, it seems positively juvenile in the length of time it's spent in the pile.

But on the other, I can't believe it's been so long since I put this aside to deal with when I had the time...

But if I'm having a party, I need folding chairs. And so the time has come to clean these pieces up, return to the spray can and get them ready to PARTY!

(I'd originally planned to make Pantone chairs, but I think it's a safer option sticking to plain black for the party.)

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

While I wait

So. The big box didn't get picked up yesterday after all.And so I remain at home waiting for a collection which has been promised this morning.

Since I don't know exactly when it'll be picked up, I can't start any big projects.So instead I'm doing a lot of little piddly jobs that I've been meaning to get to for months.

Like making miniature versions of The tiny Times magazines I've worked on:
Sticker sheet printed with dolls house miniature versions of The tiny Times magazine, in a Fiskars cutter.
Dolls' house miniature versions of The tiny Times magazine.
 Now I'm thinking I should make more sets to go in this year's convention goodie bags...
Dolls' house miniature versions of The tiny Times magazine, on a full-sized copy.

Sunday, February 08, 2015

Clean and empty and ready to go

What a job that was!
Empty interior of a 1975 Lundby dolls' house.
Because I'd originally furnished my 1975-78 Lundby house with a mix of furniture brands, I needed to swap out the existing non-Lundby furniture with Lundby items before I could start packing it.
1975 Lundby dolls' house, with a selection of non-Lundby furniture in front of it.
(See all the stuff at the front? Non-Lundby.)
1975 Lundby dolls' house lounge, empty except for a pot plant, a magazine rack and an orange light.
Which left many rooms
1975 Lundby dolls' house dining room, empty except for a vase with flowers and a red light.
very bare.
1975 Lundby dolls' house, furnished with vintage Lundby furniture.
So I had to refill the house before I emptied and packed it. Luckily I had many items in my 1973-74 Lundby house that I could swap across.

Saturday, February 07, 2015

I really should pack

..but I needed egg cartons to pack into. And a friend said she had some but I'd need to pick them up from her. From her farm an hour out of town.

And once I was there it seemed churlish not to go visit the locals. Lollipop the pony and Lucky the sheep.
A pony, a woman and a sheep standing in a paddock.
 Cupcake the miniature horse.
A miniature horse and a pony in a paddock.
Diesel the dog, Puss in Boots the cat. Various chickens and ducks and guinea pigs.

And the garden (where we ate tomatoes and raspberries and blackberries picked straight from the plant) and orchard (freshly picked peaches.)

By mid afternoon I declared that I really should pack and finally left.

But I was half-way to the dolls house shop. And I needed to pick up party supplies. It seemed silly not to swing past...
Dolls' house miniature food items on display at  dolls' house shop.
 After a chat and a rummage, I declared that I really should pack and finally left with my purchases.

I got home. Unpacked the egg cartons
A stack of empty egg cartons in front of a vintage Lundby dolls' house.
 and declared that I really should do something about dinner and left the packing until tomorrow...