Wednesday, July 17, 2013

... in which Wendy is heard to say '1:15th? My arse it's 1:15th'

There was much excitement 'round these parts when it was announced that IKEA were creating a set of dolls house furniture including some of their classic pieces.

I facebooked IKEA last weekend to see when they'd be in stock in Australia and discovered they already were. And, luckily, a friend was in Sydney and planning a trip there.

So you can imagine my excitement when she dropped them over tonight. And the look on my face when I realised they're not 1:15 at all:
 (Wendy, in the land of giants...)
Having done some maths, it seems that they are 1:7.76 scale. Or thereabouts.

Anyone want to buy some (almost) Barbie-scale IKEA furniture? Silly me, ordered three sets based on the information I'd read,,,

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Buzz Bar (Yellow table part 3A)

After making brunch, I decided to continue work on the cafe I started tinkering with this morning.
The first step was moving it across the room as it was feeling very cramped set up in the spot I usually use for making scenes. This gave me the opportunity to put flooring down and wall coverings up.
The left side of the build is still very much a work in progress, using a counter and table from my collection, wrapped in paper (I'd planned, at the very least to laminate the paper but forgot. And as the build continued I started to think the coffee bean paper is probably a mistake and should be replaced with some black corrugated card instead.)

I'm really enjoying being able to stretch out with the length of this space. And am ignoring the fact I haven't got the skirting boards in yet!
The menu I printed off the internet looks much better against the black walls and I like the shelving I've added along the wall underneath which is used as a juice station.
And the sneeze guard? One of my clear perspex hall tables turned on its side. Genius (If I say so myself).
An up-to-date toilet facility is through the door at the rear (which is currently without a door handle: whoops!)
 The right side of the cafe hasn't changed much since this morning's mock up. I plan to change the table legs and buy some black plastic shot glasses (like these) to use as stools, but these will do in the meantime. The feature wall is a design by local artist Kate Ward.
Doesn't it look like a nice relaxing spot to have a break from shopping
(or catch up on some work)? 

Outside I've created a scene using some street art I photographed in Braddon, not far from where one of my inspiration cafes is. Can you see it through the window?
Finally, here's the whole scene set up on my work bench. I think I'll leave it there for a while and tinker with it.

Creating a cafe (Yellow table part 3)

The recipe:

1. Take one yellow table,
one pinch of colour inspiration from lunch at The Blackbird Cafe in Sydney and one pinch of colour and layout inspiration from a recent breakfast at Lonsdale Street Roasters.

2. Mix gently and let settle for several weeks.
3. Add one day off, several coasters and stand-in pieces,
some temporary cardboard test walls,
a few random test accessories (and one eBay buying frenzy for glasses and cups, which is quite ridiculous as it will be several weeks before the package arrives and I want this completed NOW!)
 plus some temporary printouts of ideas for the walls.

4. And it looks like the beginnings of a recipe for success...

Sunday, July 14, 2013

For Ysé

 A closeup of the top of the Crailsheimer box that came with my vintage German haul:
and the number on the side:
I'd had such huge plans to make a pile of scenes this weekend but I've had an exhausting week and instead spent all yesterday in bed reading design books and will be spending today cleaning the (full sized) house so it looks like someone cares lives here.

Sunday, July 07, 2013

Saturday, July 06, 2013

Testing, testing, testing...

A large carton of vintage German furniture I bought off eBay arrived yesterday morning.

My friend Kaet has been telling me I should start vlogging.

And Rebecca was keen to (virtually) share the opening of the carton.

And so I bring you TSS vlog test #1: Vintage German furniture unboxing:

(I didn't expect it to be so long. Perhaps I should rename it 'The Shopping Sherpa's Miniature Home'?)