Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Testing, testing

 Obviously, I didn't manage to put together any trial settings before the weekend was over, which means I've now got the challenge of taking photos under artificial light.
The green room: I think this has a real 50s-style vibe to it.
 I dubbed this one Candyland, for obvious reasons.

And, finally, welcome to The Rainbow Room!

(Now do excuse me, I have rugs to knit...)

Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Shopping Sherpa's Autumn 2013 colour range

(Makes me sound dead posh, doesn't it?)

These are the pouffe colours that I'll have at The Sydney Show (I'll have a couple of pieces from the ACTME show with me, tucked away. We'll call it the 'Summer 2013 colour range, shall we? If you ask nicely I can pull them out for you)

I have plans to show them in colour-story themed settings to give people ideas of how the different coloured rugs and pouffes and accessories can be mixed. Hopefully I'll get a chance to play with the idea later this weekend and will share the end results here.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Panic stations...

This time next week I'll be setting up my stall at The Sydney Show.

This time this week I'm having a little freak out at how much I have to do before then. But I keep telling myself I have all weekend and four nights next week to get everything finished.

Assuming I don't go to FASHFEST next week, that is...

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Miniatures as art

(Picture: Fringe Arts press release)

Catching up on my blog reading this afternoon I came across this post by Jezze Prints.

Miniatures, art AND repurposed materials? I'm so there!

(The house was for sale on the local Gumtree. I wonder who bought it? And I wonder if any of the participants feel the urge to make other pieces for us to buy?)

Saturday, April 06, 2013

Small souvenirs (and sad about scale)

 While in Wellington I picked up these two fridge magnets from a shop in Cuba Street called Abstract Designs (they do lots of interesting laser-cut designs and I always pop in to see what they have that I could use for miniatures.)

I knew they'd go really well with some wrapping paper I bought ages ago from Pepe's Paperie and this afternoon, after clearing a corner of my worktable of stuff dumped there before the ACTME show, I threw up a trial scene:
(The table and pouffes in the foreground are show stock, supposedly hitting etsy sometime in the near future. Which could possibly be defined as 'after the May show')

And the tabletop at the back? From a set of coasters I picked up at an op shop some months back (which I thought would be perfect for a bar scene, if ever I did one), sitting on a free sample from the perspex people.
 And while we're on the subject of Abstract Designs, they had the most amazing modern table and chair set for sale. Alas, at a scale we suspect was plucked out of thin air.

I didn't buy them but begged the woman in the shop to get them scaled down so I could. And here's a photo of a set bought by a mini friend in Wellington with us lamenting (over lunch) at the lack of them in 1/12th scale:

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

A dolls' house at the Dowse

On my first afternoon in Wellington The Parental Units took me to the Dowse Art Museum to see one of my favourite Wellington bands play at their Big Day.

While we were waiting for them to start we took a wander around the Play exhibition and came across a Villa Sibi on display...

Monday, April 01, 2013

At the show

My favourite display at the ACTME show was Liz Dean's Recycled - an exhibition of modern art:
I thought the Redheads display in a matchbox was very clever (but forgot to note whose work it was)
and was amazed at the patience needed for Ann to hand wind these 1/12 scale crochet cottons:
I didn't buy much (I never do and this time I was holding onto my cash as I was heading overseas the next day)
A second shop counter ($8) so I can paint my other one white for the next version of my pop up shop, and three fabrics I plan to use for items for the May show ($9 total). A kitset potting bench which I suspected started life in a goodie bag ($3. Or was it $5?)

Worthy of close-ups:
 A distressed side table and plant ($3 for the lot),
 an industrial bench ($5),
 a set of mini buildings and things ($3 the lot),
 a Mary-Lou doll ($2),
 a selection of items needed on a cruise (beautifully packaged) ($2), and
an AMEA crate ($1).