Saturday, December 31, 2011

That wasn't on the list for today...

But I suppose after a week of mainly house cleaning, and no creativity to speak of, I should expect this to happen when I return to my studio to (supposedly) clean it out:
And Blurb does have another 20% off deal at the moment...

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

La minis at La Cloche

It's tradition on my last day in New Zealand that The Parental Units pick me up, we have brunch, and then they drop me at the airport.

This year we went to
La Cloche, a french cafe in Kaiwharawhara. Where I discovered these, made out of wine cartons:
Apparently, the owner's wife studied architecture and makes these for fun...

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Bad blogger

I had exciting mini related news last week. Shared it on Facebook but completely forgot to mention it here.

2013 is the one hundredth anniversary of the founding of Canberra, and there are many celebrations and events (and a cake!) being planned to mark the occasion.

One of these is a conference called Shaping Canberra: One hundred years of the lived experience of a home and a capital, which is being held at the Australian National University in September 2013, focusing on "the lived experience of Canberra and the way local and national events run through this experience." The conference aims to "highlight the wealth and interest of material about the experience of Canberra in national and local collections (with some emphasis on the local collections which are unknown, overlooked or underused)."

At the same time, the ANU School of Art Gallery is planning an exhibition "about Canberra's real local life (as opposed to the standard media-driven political points of view)" and are offering an introduction and free access to a range of historic collections within Canberra for inspiration gathering.

And I've been invited to participate.

How fabulously wonderful to get to make miniatures about a city I love so much AND get to rummage through old photos and (hopefully) ephemera in the process.

That's next year's major project sorted then...

Friday, November 18, 2011


Something. I don't quite know what.

After I pulled the
Deer ♥ scene down and was left with just the carpet and one wall, I felt the need to create another scene with the same bones.
But somehow, no matter how much I tweaked it, made the back story for it (holiday home, near the coast, available for rent when the family isn't using it themselves.... I guess I'm realising how long it's been since I've been down the coast in real life)
I just wasn't satisfied.
I left it alone for a couple of days, waiting to see if inspiration struck.

It didn't. So it's coming down tonight.

Oh well, these things happen, right?

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Yes, I know four posts in one day is a bit much

But can I get a squee?

I keep breaking wine glasses...

Deer ♥

With a lovely clear workbench (I won't mention most of the contents are now on the floor) I felt the sudden need to make my Amazing Miniatures deer trophy (amazing! I've had it less than a month!) And you know what? If you follow the instructions, it's actually quite easy! (A dry fit wasn't actually necessary, but I did it anyway just in case)
And in less time than I expected, I was done. Well once the glue holding the head to the backing dried, which didn't take long at all.

Since this is an (almost) step-by step post, I thought it was about time to do another "
behind the scenes" on how I put this scene together:

Step one: I wanted a plain wall colour to show off the head, but wanted a warmer colour than the white card I usually use, which can be
a bit blue. So I used some watercolour paper I had on hand. And from my pile of flooring choices I picked a sample piece of carpet I picked up from the hardware store for $5 months ago: Step two: Keeping with the natural theme, I tried out three or four shelving options and finally settled on a Lundby piece I'd removed the legs from which works well in 1/12. While I was digging through the mini store cupboard, I spotted this cane rocker which I thought might work:Step three: Dressing the scene...
Three a: I really like how the wooden vases and bowls continue the theme. The rocker cushions were from
last year's Advent Calendar Swap, used the wrong way round to hid the stars. I'm pretty happy. Except for the items on top of the shelving.
Three b: With a different plant. Still not right, but I think the basket looks better on the right side.
Three c: Yep, I think that's it. I especially like the way the square of the basket is now mirrored in the square of the clock and pulls the eye towards the box in the middle...

(Time taken, including making the deer trophy head? 2 1/2 hours)

Lazy Sunday morning

Not exactly how my morning was. .. But I did have a late start followed by an unexpected long and lazy breakfast date with a friend at a cafe across the road. From which I returned energised, bursting with ideas and, more importantly, the urge to clear off my workbench.

So I made a scene instead.

(Credits on FLICKR)

Saturday, November 05, 2011

About bloody time...

(Photograph shamelessly stolen from the book's Facebook page)

I think it was 2004 when I first heard that this book was being produced I was quite excited at the time.

But every time it looked like publication was imminent, the dates shifted. Now, finally, it's available to buy.

Anyone got a copy? Care to share a review?

Make it mini

During a recent forage around Ponoko* I stumbled across this Adirondack Chair kit:I contacted the designer who tells me that it's "approximately 1:12 scale".

Two mini chairs for $38? I'd call that good value!

(*I'm slowly working on a mini project with a talented 3D modelling friend)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Mini mathematics

This photo:(spotted this morning over at love you big during a blog reading catch up)

Plus this felt doily coaster (just stumbled across
on eBay) Equals modern miniature heaven. Right?

a lack of funds then equals wait a week to test the equation)

Friday, October 21, 2011

A night on the tiles

I've been lusting after the Anglepoise Giant 1227 floor lamp for quite some time (and, at $3,500 a pop, will probably be doing so for quite some time to come)

Recently I've been playing with ideas to create a version in miniature, even buying a Barbie one off eBay for a couple of dollars to experiment with.

While waiting for it to arrive, I happened to find myself in the National Portrait Gallery shop, where I discovered the Tiny Tim booklight:An almost perfect size, it lights up, and it was only $16.

Now I'm trying to decide if I should get a red one as well...

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Well it's certainly been an interesting few days in the world of modern miniatures. First up, Mitchymoo Miniatures has done the first reveal of the swap parcel I (finally) sent her:(I nicked her photo without asking. I'm sure it's OK)

On a related theme,
Amazing Miniatures has been accused of counterfeiting, which brings up an interesting question of copyright: if the original is 1/1 scale and the item in question is 1/12 (or any other miniature) scale, is it still a copyright infringement? (Let's not even get started on the related issues with the seemingly ubiquitous sliced stag idea)
(Oops, there's another stolen image, this time from Amazing Miniatures)

And, the next day,
there's the news that modern miniatures have made it into a McDonald's ad:
Oops, I did it again)

If that's not mainstream acceptance, I don't know what is.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Winging it

Way back in March I picked up a scrap bag of fabric from the local quilting shop, which included some very fine black and white stripy fabric which you've seen before, and some fabulous fabric with mini writing on it. Which I decided on the spot had to become a wing chair for reading.

I even had a kit tucked away which would be close enough to experiment on.

And so, almost six months later, may I present:(Just don't look at the sides, OK?)It's been languishing for weeks and I finally gathered the brain space together over the weekend to start figuring out how to approach upholstering it in two different fabrics AND replace the skirt which came with the kit with legs.

(This is what the original Millie August kit looked like, if you're interested. Otterine putting together sister kits here and here and I've since bought a House of Miniatures version like this just in case I stuff this one up entirely...)

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Mini Missoni

I was happy to recently discover that you can now buy US Vogue in Canberra. I used to subscribe but lapsed last year and have been missing it ever since. Last week I treated myself to a copy of the September issue.

And noticed that
Missoni has done a range for US Target. Now I don't usually like Missoni's style (except maybe for these) so was a little surprised to suddenly find myself inspired enough to rat round in the Cupboard of Possibilities in my Room of Shame to dig out my vintage mini ric rac supplies. (See where I'm heading with this?)Add a piece of my trusty old white sheet, some double sided sticky webbing stuff and some fiddly ironing.

Followed by some sewing, turning and stuffing...
et voila!

(I should probably pipe them but I can't be bothered.)

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Nothing (much) to report

I don't seem to have been in the mood for minis recently.

Since my last proper post (almost a month ago!)
I finally succumbed and bought a tablet computer. Alas not full sized.
The only change to the pink and white room is the addition of a stress ball I got in my TEDx goodie bag. I think it's time to pull this scene apart, don't you?I have a very scary looking cardboard deer head to put together.
Which I can't do until I've cleared space on my worktable. Which is a total tip.

I did achieve one thing, though. My May swap parcel for Mitchymoo Miniatures finally made it into the post. Only 4 months late...

Sunday, September 18, 2011

... still playing

Long time readers will remember the woven piece I created for my final assessment project in 2009 (and the tartan fabric I made from it)

This morning I pulled out the original photo and came up with these:

I really need to pay to get the full version of Repper so I can pull out high definition versions and chuck them through Spoonflower...

Repper what you sew!

Sometimes clearing out your inbox sets your day out in a whole new (and very exciting) direction.

This morning, for instance, I finally made time to have a look at a link sent to me by a work buddy late last month. And, in the space of five minutes my mind was well and truly blown.

Repper takes an image and lets you turn it into a pattern. I trialed the demo version and here are the results...

From this:I made this in my first 30 seconds using the program:
I turned this:Into this:
And this: became this:And, to give you an idea of the versatility of Repper, throwing this in:
gave me, with five simple clicks, the following options:
Are you as excited as I am by the possibilities of Repper for mini use? (Especially if paired with Spoonflower...)