Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A weirdly surreal creative day

After this morning's 6am visit up the road to the burnt out Observatory, the day continued to be just slightly... odd.

After a morning working, I'd planned to meet
Ampersand Duck and visit Call of the Small for the last time. She was running late so I found myself wandering into town where I discovered some sort of sand sculpture competition happening: (And almost dolls house sized stairs):Then I headed to CMAG, planning to drink tea and relax in The Members' Lounge but instead I got sucked into the children's table and made another collage:(Which makes me giggle every time I look at it. Especially as I think it looks a lot like Neil Tennant...)

On the way home, I popped into the local library to discuss a creative idea I had for them and received very excited feedback: lovely, but I have no head space to start planning the project seriously until next year.

(Damned shame it's not Thursday: this would make a great My Creative Space post..)

I see hope in the morning light...*

So it looks like The Futuro House is safe. From the outside, at least.Although, looking at the state of the other side of the main dome, I'm not so sure.Dear sad little Futuro House, what is to become of you? (Especially as it seems pretty clear everything else will have to be demolished). Can I take you home and look after you?

(*Thanks to Midge and my brain full of obscure songs from the past for the very suitable soundtrack)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fire at the Futuro

Sometimes I realise living a life with a pretty much 100% news ban isn't such a good thing.

Like today at work, when I glanced at a Canberra Times left on the kitchen table and
saw this

What? There was a fire at the Dickson observatory?!

I took hope from the fact they didn't mention
the Futuro House included in the complex.

And, when I got home, I saw this photo:
(Photo by Bert Robinson)

Which gives me hope that the Futuro might be safe.

No, I don't know for sure. I'm too scared to walk the three blocks and find out the truth.

Maybe in the morning?

In the meantime I can dream of owning my very own model Futuro House:
Except all the information I have on them, I now realise. was on my stolen laptop.


Maybe I should just make my own?

Monday, September 27, 2010

Time for some eye candy

Discovered yesterday during random surfing while waiting for photos to load: an article on Matchstickgirl's work with dolls houses (of the Playscale, and larger, variety)
Have I tracked down the creator of these images, do you think?

Sunday, September 26, 2010

How a five second flash of brilliance can wipe out four weeks' work

After spending most spare moments since the beginning of the month working on the August 2010 edition of the Dolls Houses Past and Present ezine and still not having it finished, today I decided I wasn't allowed to do anything else (except showering. Oh, and dressing. Eating. Drinking copious mugs of tea. And doing washing and hanging it out) until it was done. Loaded. Off my plate for another few weeks.

Then, in a fit of brilliance (or so I thought at the time: blame the fact I've been writing and loading photos and building links pretty constantly since 7:30am) I decided to rename a couple of folders in the photo area of the back end of the site from "Feb 10", "May 10", "Aug 10" to "Issue 04", "Issue 05" and "Issue 06". Much easier indexing long term, I thought.

What I didn't think was in a five second period I would break the file path to seventy three photos in this issue of the magazine and, probably (I've been too scared to look) every image in the other two issues. Thus wasting untold amounts of my spare time so far this year, and probably a good amount of my spare time for the foreseeable future.*


(*And yes, I asked tech support if I was able to access the html code for the site and just replace the old file path with the new one. And was told it would be quicker to just reload the lot)

Finally, a review. Sort of...

Stumbled across this post this morning after belatedly following up Inside Out magazine's latest blog recommendations.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

I forgot to mention!

Call of the Small has been extended by a week. So if you haven't had the chance to pop in and see the exhibition (or purchase that miniature goodie you've had your eye on), never fear: you now have until the end of the month.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Playing with my new sewing bits

(and feeling all very Lisa Congdon)

Most restrained

Today's Lifeline Bookfair haul:Not bad for a total of $65.

I'm particularly excited about this (brand new, unopened, with a retail sticker of $45 and on my Amazon wishlist for quite some time):which I picked up for $6.

Yes, I may have done an internship and made a merino hoodie but I'm still not confident...

The cast of Complexions came home with me the other night

No, not real in-the-flesh dancers but the banner advertising the show:How could I resist when it was free and I've been admiring bags like these?

Now I need to find the time (and guts) to see if my machine can cope with billboard plastic...

Thursday, September 23, 2010

What is it with me and being the victim of ridiculous crimes*?

Today started very well. Time to do the accounts and make a yummy breakfast before driving to work, where I was rostered on for a split shift.

1:15 pm came and with it my three hour "lunch break". I had cash in my wallet. There was only one thing to do: see how many op shops I could visit before I was due back at work at 4:15pm.

I headed to Queanbeyan and found a wonderful old sewing box full of vintage sewing treasure for $6. Then I noticed I had a message on my mobile.

It was ACT policing, saying there'd been a drive off reported at a petrol station with my registration. Except the vehicle was a large grey 4WD and they knew Miss Daisy was, well Miss Daisy and quite unable to eat as much fuel as the large grey 4WD had done. Perhaps I'd like to check my plates?

And wouldn't you know it, my front plate had gone walkies! So we had to give up on the op shopping and go drivies back to Dickson Canberra Connect and get new plates, noticing that suddenly the roads seemed to be heaving with large grey 4WDs.

Being the total girl I am I didn't have any suitable screwdrivers handy to get the remaining plate off so popped into see my mechanics, who are just round the corner and they were fabulous, removing the plate for me, letting me leave Miss Daisy with them while I walked across to Canberra Connect and then not only screwing the new plates back on but using whiz bang new anti theft screws.
DMB Automotive, thank you. I owe you a large cake.So now Miss Daisy is no longer a Yellow Banana Pants but a Yellow Gargling Walrus. With silly coloured bits celebrating Canberra's 100th anniversary. And I'm $33 poorer and a lot wiser. People steal rego plates. Who knew?!

(*See also
The Burglary)

And break to a giveaway...

If you just happen to be Old School enough to use a paper based diary...

And live in Australia (or have a hankering to know what's going on in Australia) then the Poco Profile diary is for you. Sized to fit a standard Filofax-like personal diary (or perhaps a Poco Profile Australian version), it includes lots of things that are happening in Australia and comes in non recycled and fully recycled versions.

Feel like giving it a whirl for 2011? Well, you're in luck as I just happen to have a spare 2011 non recycled insert (worth $16) to give away to one lucky reader, thanks to the lovely Victoria at Poco Profile. You know the drill: leave a comment and I'll draw a winner next Wednesday morning...

Saturday, September 18, 2010

The past few days

Can best be encapsulated by a photo of this morning's attempt at bread baking:(Even the unexpected arrival of the 2011 IKEA didn't help much.)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A twelve minute creation

A thirty minute lunch can be broken down as follows if one is focused:

Seven minutes to reheat frozen soup

Ten minutes to eat said soup and accompanying muffin

One minute to walk across the square to Canberra Museum and Gallery

Twelve minutes to spend at the children's activity table for Something in the Air making this:
And one minute to walk back to work...

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Unexpected pleasures

* Cleaning out my wallet and discovering a $10 note hiding in amongst the receipts: enough to buy coffee with a friend at Tosolinis and a bottle of wine.
* Being given a heart-shaped lollipop by the staff at Tosolinis
* Unexpected mail #1: a tiny book of poetry from my Grandmother (Poetry scares me. I will try to change this. Soon.)
* Unexpected mail #2: A $30 gift card from HP. Cashback which I'd completely forgotten about. Now I have to decide: do I use it to post out goodness to other people or buy something decadently unnecessary for myself?
* Unexpected mail #3: Fabulous postcard with hand stitching highlights from a friend in Melbourne: part of our current creative challenge.

Monday, September 13, 2010

I've been banging on about dolls houses. Again.

An interview with me by Angela Owens from ABC Central West radio aired this morning. You can listen to it over here.

And it's Monday, so time for the Collectors magazine giveaway. Congratulations Pubdoll, you won the draw! Send me your snail mail address and I'll get the mag in the mail to you.

(Photo above is Angela Owens (on right) with her childhood dolls house)

Not quite what I expected

My horoscope late last week was convinced there would be moving or relocation in my near future.

I was a little concerned as I have no plans to vacate Chez TSS especially as I know I can't afford to rent anywhere else in the ACT in the present market (especially with a cat in tow)

But it all because clear when I turned on my computer on Saturday morning to read that Bloglines, the RSS aggregator I've been using forever to read blogs, will be closing down at the end of the month.

So instead of spending my weekend publishing the August issue of the Dolls Houses Past & Present ezine, planning things for my November challenge and mowing the lawns I spent it moving and cleaning up all my feeds.

(With the occasional knitting and crafting, and baking to feed visiting knitters. And seeing Swan Lake on Ice with Cycling S)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Teeny tiny

Something I've had hanging round for years, finally cut out. Now I just need to find my craft glue stick (or realise I used them all up and go buy another one...)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Some experiments are doomed to failure...

A friend bought some eyelash yarn from The Reject Shop and I said I'd knit it up and see how it went as a dolls house sized rug.

It goes fine, assuming you wanted a rug that in real life would be 30 cm deep:

I'll send it to her anyway: perhaps she can shear it?

IKEA fun

I saw these fabulous ads for the IKEA assembly service a while back on the mogg blog and forgot to mention them:Until this morning when a friend had this on Facebook:

Final destination

Remember these booties?

Here they are at their new home, all styled up:
And in use (note suitably 1970s Polaroid-style photo!)

I'm hoping to create something less woolly for Issue 8 of Uppercase magazine. Watch this space!

Friday, September 10, 2010

You what?

At the opening of Call of the Small, I was told I needed to read the book On Longing: Narratives of the Miniature, the Gigantic, the Souvenir, the Collection, which I went home and bought from Book Depository that very night.

Fast forward a couple of weeks, and what do you know? The room essay for the exhibition quotes from the very same book. Which suddenly leapfrogged to the top of my To be read right now, if not sooner pile.

There's only one problem: lots of big words I don't know the meanings of. I've started copying them into a notebook to look up when I'm in front of my dictionary, And feeling very Nick Cave-like in the process.

Actually, there's another problem: entire paragraphs in French with no translation. Which means I resemble that Larson cartoon:

"the little paper vignette is something when the something (is that lentil?!) of door pen souvenir (that can't be right, surely?), when the something of the bottle of Evian is a something something"

Crap: maybe I need to start a new page of my notebook for French words I don't know for when I can access Google languages...

The rainbow connection

I saw the most beautiful rainbow from the bus this evening. But by the time I got my camera out it had faded away.

Luckily I had another rainbow in my bag:My Spoonflower free swatch colo(u)r chart arrived this morning. If I didn't need to keep it for reference, I'd cut it up and turn it into modern miniature cushions...

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Tag: Why the hell didn't I think of that?

Thanks to a comment this morning's My creative space post, may I now present the much smaller, self covered button version of my original model?(Thanks Sheep Rustler, I owe you!)

Going round in circles

I seem to have become a little obsessed with grey circles since last week.This is a project I've been wanting to try for months, and have been stockpiling old doilies from op shops until I had time to play. If you look closely there are some casualties. But that's what happens when you experiment.

This is the perfect song to go with this post, by the way.)

Monday, September 06, 2010

The September issue of Collectors magazine

Is full of good things for miniaturists.

Posters to nick:Plates to modge podge (or decal) A five page article on miniatures:And me:Want a copy? Leave a comment on this post and I'll draw a winner next Monday. (As usual I'll post anywhere in the world) GIVEAWAY CLOSED

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Circles and sketches

After a big sleep in, a fabulously wonderful lazy morning spent in my PJs doing things I love: blog reading and ironing being two examples, I finally got dressed. And creative. Then I went to meet a friend at NGA where I collected my freebie ticket to their two latest exhibitions and we giggled our way through the Robert Dowling exhibition, probably pissing off the woman in the purple fleece who seemed to always be just where we were (sorry, woman in purple fleece).

But we enjoyed checking out the number of paintings he did in the early days where the hands were tucked behind things. Or in things. Or just out of the frame...

We bandied about words like foreshortening. I tried to explain what a Pre-Raphaelite was. We attempted to work out if there was some hidden message in the fact two paintings, not far from each other, both had subjects who were pointing a finger downwards. And my friend explained to me that Moses was not wandering in the wilderness for 40 years because he was male and refused to stop and ask for directions.

Speaking of being expelled for 40 years, I felt like Moses as I entered the downstairs cafe, having not renewed any memberships this year which gave me access to the Members' Lounge upstairs. But the strawberry eclair I ate cheered me up no end and I decided being a pleb wasn't too bad.

Next stop was the Life, Death & Magic exhibition where I made lots of sketches, reminding me of my visit to the New Caledonian museum last year*:
The final shot of the day was of the shadow cast by The Big Round Thing which usually hangs next to the gallery but is temporarily grounded...(*which I now realise I never shared the sketches I did on my blog)