Monday, May 31, 2010


New sneakers lined up on the floor:Library training is so useful. It gives you the ability to track down and capture the only four pairs of size 6 black Converse One Stars imported into the country. My shoe worries are over for at least another five years,..

And the winner wasn't...

Alas my favourite song from last night's Eurovision final wasn't actually part of the competition:

Saturday, May 29, 2010

iWant (the 2010 edition)

Browsing for a replacement laptop yesterday I found myself recreating a scene from 2008: Alas, if I don't understand how it works I'm not allowed to consider owning it...

Friday, May 28, 2010

"7-day cruise - I entered your name"

was the title of the email I received from some cruise buddies.

"Fabulous!" I thought and opened the email.


I hope you don't mind, but I entered your name in a draw for a 7-Day, 6-Night cruise. " the email continued.

And then there was this picture:
I must be one of the few people in the world who wouldn't mind such a cruise. Caravans and cruising combined? Perfect! (Do you think there's an itinerary that includes op shops and dolls houses?)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Almost forgot!

This is what I wore to visit Ampersand Duck:Yep, the 2010 winter jumper got finished while I was in Melbourne. It looks just like the picture, except I decided I wanted a shorter neck than originally planned.

I'm pretty chuffed it's done and it's not even winter yet...


Yesterday. No work until 1:30pm. Time to pop up the road to see what Ampersand Duck was getting up to on her work for the Call of the Small* exhibition...
Concept drawings (she's thinking miniature letterpress posters)
(Thanks for the real Call of the Small for the use of her name)

A long weekend in Melbourne: Part 4

Which is when things got a bit Sticky. Sticky Institute, that is: a fabulous zine shop/ gallery in the Degraves subway.

Which was full of wonderful things apart from the zines.Like badge makers. And typewriters. Cutting mats. And long armed staplers.
And the Sticky exchange box: to take something out you have to put something in.What a great idea!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A long weekend in Melbourne: Part 3

The Converse One Star issue

Came up again when I saw this in a shop in Melbourne...
(Almost) tried them on...and discovered they were far too big...Checked to see if my size existed anywhere in the country...
Only to be told there were none in my size. Anywhere...


A long weekend in Melbourne: Part 2

Papery goodness at a visit to Hand Held Gallery's fabulous exhibition of work by Paul Compton (as previously planned) and a browse through the other items for sale...(This hand made pop up book/ house was only $25. I snapped one up double quick, interrupting the palm reading session going on out the back to pay...)

A long weekend in Melbourne: Part 1

Friday afternoon: the Mary and Max exhibition at ACMI. I was very excited to discover photography was allowed.(And even more excited to discover that a Tim Burton exhibition opens there next month...)

More photos on FLICKR.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Captivated by cardboard

It started with this post.

Then I saw this photo of
Hattie Newman's work on The Art Room Plant: and Katherine Belsey's pop up paper IKEA house on IKEA Hacker:which reminded me of a picture of vivi hack's work I saved from SeeHearSay a while back:Then I discovered the Houses of Blood and Rapture exhibition at Hand Held Gallery in Melbourne: And, finally, I spotted this on Design for Mankind last week:
A retail fit out by Belenko!. Yes, I know it's not cardboard but between that and the vivi hack work above I'm thinking of making the gallery for Call of the Small* out of plain cardboard and just drawing the architectural details onto it...

(*Thanks, as always, to the real Call of the Small for the use of her name)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Back to the drawing board

I was doing so well on the What I wore today project. I was enjoying the challenge of working the pages in my sketchbook so the left hand day flowed with the right (here are the spreads I liked best):
And then it suddenly stopped.

After showing the book to my friend yesterday I was inspired to start up again. But how to deal with the missing days?

At first I thought to leave the pages blank and just start with today. Then I decided I might sketch the days I remembered...Now the question is: do I leave them as sketches or ink them in?

Sunday, May 16, 2010

In the studio

It's been a creative weekend (yes, a miracle happened and I had two days in a row off!!)

Yesterday I went on a CMAG tour of Jude Rae and Ruth Waller's studios to coincide with their currently exhibitions. Jude has asked to vet the photos I took while at her studio before I publish them but in the meantime you can see my photos from Ruth Waller's studio here.
This morning I spent some time stitching up my 2010 winter jumper:
then I had another play date with my friend. Our theme was collage as she recently took a class and I wanted to see what she learned.

We had great fun sifting through my piles of treasures thinking of what sort of subjects to do.Testing various ideasAnd coming up with quite different results(while constantly reminding each other, as usual, that it was the process that was the important thing, not the end result)

Having said that, we were both quite pleased with our finished projects!