Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Repper rug

Today, while tackling one of the piles of Things to play with when I get the chance I stumbled across a package of fuzzy paper I bought at the Sydney Show back in May.

And since my self imposed rule for the day was to deal with everything I touched in the pile, no matter how long it took, I had to do a test print.

I could have, of course, just lifted a random rug picture off the internet and do a trial with that. But oh no, I had to get carried away, didn't I, and finally use the upgrade to Repper pro I paid for last year and haven't touched since.

May I present my Repper Rug?
(Not quite flat as it was fresh off the printer. And not trimmed to size either for the same reason)
I think it goes rather well with another acquisition that's been hanging round waiting for its moment in the spotlight for far too long:
(Originally a fridge magnet from Habitat, via eBay, attacked, as usual, with the black spray paint)