Saturday, May 20, 2017

Not many minis in April or May

I've been distracted for the past six weeks, but some minis have happened since I last blogged:
Three matchbox calendars lined up on a cutting map, with scissors, ruler, pencil and knife around them.
1. The matchboxes I ordered from the UK arrived and I finally managed to finish this year's calendars.
Selection of miniature books on display.
Selection of miniature books on display.
2. I made time to visit the new display of miniature books in The Treasures Gallery of the National Library of Australia.
Disney miniature dragon perched on the corner of a bar in a hotel lobby.
Disney miniature cruise ship on a finger tip.
3. I caught up with a friend who had mini goodies for me that she bought while on a recent Disney adventure.
One-twelfth scale modern miniature ornaments in front of a wall tiled with various random tiles.
4. I sort-of made a scene with a postcard insert advertising Janine's new range of fabrics which was included in the latest issue of Uppercase (I think it would make great cheater fabric for mini quilts, don't you?).
Miniature light-up marquee letter.
5. I discovered that Typo is now selling battery operated light-up marquee light keyrings, so just had to add an A to my collection...
Man trimming a bonsai tree.
 Display of bonsai trees in autumn.
6. The Parental Units visited for a couple of weeks. My mum wanted to see some trees so I showed her my favourite ones...

7. Because The Parental Units were in town, I didn't make it to The Sydney Show this year. I wasn't too disappointed as I figure I have more than enough stash to keep me going for quite some time, but am looking forward to reading about the displays in the next issue of The tiny Times, as there didn't seem to be very much coverage on social media this year.
Beauty case with clear sides and a one-twelfth scale modern doll inside. On top of the case are two small metal ornaments.
Small metal ornamental Egyptian cat figure and a small metal knight figure on a horse.
8. While The Parentals were here, I did manage to buy a couple of miniature-related items: an empty beauty set case ($4 from the op shop), which I'm contemplating making a mini hairdressers in to give to my hairdresser. And two metal ornaments from the half-price rack at the National Museum of Australia shop ($4.50 for both).