Saturday, March 21, 2020

Minis in a mad world

It was only two weeks ago, but I feel very fortunate to have made it to New Zealand (and back!) on a trip to visit The Parental Units and New Zealand friends.

I hadn't intended to come back with minis, as I was aware of the fact that I've not been doing much recently, but things just... happened.

Here's my haul: a mix of gifts, op-shopped finds and discount-store discoveries.
Flat lay of various 1/12 scale miniature items including an oak coffee table, peruvian pots, pallets, road signs, and puffy stickers.
First the gifts, and one particularly precious one. Friend Miggs gave me the oak side table she made back in the 90s,
1/12 scale miniature oak coffee table with inlaid top and curved botttom.
with its beautifully inlaid top,
Top of an inlaid  1/12 scale miniature oak coffee table.
along with her collection of vintage miniature pottery from Peru,
Six peruvian miniature pots.
and a set of miniature pallets she found in her local tip shop.
Stack of pallet coasters in packaging.
I've always admired the table, and will treasure it. Hopefully sometime soon I'll make a particularly special scene to display it in.

From one of my favourite Wellington shops, I picked up this weathered bird cage, and a lighthouse and letter A charm.
1/12 scale miniature aged birdcage with lighthouse and letter A charms.
From Uncle Bills [sic], some puffy stickers,
Puffy stickers with various architectural designs.
and from various op shops around the region, what can only be described as 'some weirdly random bits' that spoke to me.
Toy '100 km/h' and 'P 30 m' signs, small enamelled frame and tear drop earrings.
I managed to slip back into the country six hours before self-isolation became mandatory for anyone entering, which means instead of being forced to loll round at home for 14 days reading books and playing with miniatures, I've been working there instead.Just to be on the safe side. I felt better about the whole thing when my role was declared 'critical', as I'm working on national COVID-19 related stuff (she says enigmatically).