Saturday, August 18, 2018

Just playing

Life continues to keep me out of my studio (except for when I'm packing it into boxes ready for my move).
One-twelfth scale dolls' house doll behind a table with a stack of butchers paper on it and a plate on top, Behind her is a trolley containing various items including a teddy bear, a pile of books, candlesticks and cushions.
But that doesn't mean there are no miniatures in it (my life, not the studio). Here's what I've been up to...

First up, I attended the opening of this year's ANCA Pin exhibition, Pin 8.
A group of people waiting outside a gallery in the dark. On the gallery door is a sign that reads 'closed'.
This annual exhibition is locked into my calendar as a great place to see (and sometimes buy) miniature art.
Three people look at pins arranged on a piece of netting.
This year's budget allowed me to buy this piece by Jen Fullerton (Brown Paper Cowgirl on Instagram):

A brooch with geometric shapes in shades of copper, gold, bronze and black displayed on an orange netting ribbon.
Then I returned to miniature club, after a break of around 15 years.
Flat lay of green paint, brushes, miniature platers and skewers against a black plastic background.
We made topiary to go in front of a group project of a house made of room boxes made by club members
Six one-twelfth scale topiaries skewred to a piece of styrofoam next to four planters filled with miniature soil.
 to be displayed at a local railway and model show.
Six one-twelfth scale topiaries in planters lined up on a table. In the background is a woman reading a magazine and two women with their backs turned to the camera working on something.
 More recently, I went to the opening of an exhibition at M16 Artspace of work by Clare Martin (an artist I'm familiar with) and Mike O'Kane (a new-to me artist).

I loved Clare's work Dream Home:
One-twelfth scale window in a platered wall, with a gauze curtain billowing from it.
 (perhaps because it was in 1/12th scale, and beautifully executed)
One-twelfth scale miniature room with a worktable in the foreground containing miniature metal model buildings, and a selection of tools.
One-twelfth scale stone building on display in a gallery. In the background three woman look at pictures on the wall of the gallery.
One-twelfth scale model of a two-story building on display in a gallery.
Two one-twelfth scale water tanks and a metal bucket in front of a stone wall.
One-twelfth scale model of a two-story building on display in a gallery with teo people in discussion behind it.
and was struck by Mike's works, which seamlessly photoshopped models into full-sized scenes.

Enough that I bought this work, White Fella, for my new home:
Model toy soldier riding a motorbike down a dirt road in an Australian bush setting.