Saturday, June 25, 2016

A month without mojo

Modern dolls' house miniature white Arne Jacobsen series 7 chair, with a red book on Arne Jacobsen and glass on the seat.
I have the usual excuses: it's cold. The light's bad. I'm exhausted after a busy few months. My studio's a disaster zone. And minis feels far too much like work at the moment. On top of a full-time job (extended until Christmas).

Perhaps I need to take up Kat's idea of a ten-minute challenge to shake things up?

And the photo? It's of a vintage Europa Series 7 chair, picked up as part of a box-lot at the 2014 Sydney Show. I promised Rebecca I'd photograph the pieces for her and am only just getting to it. As usual, I'm so far behind on my list of things to get done...