Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bloody horoscopes!

Although I profess to not believe in horoscopes I always read them each month in both AU marie claire and Madison magazine.

I scoffed when Madison told me that November 11th was going to be the "most romantic day of the month". Sure, I got to drink champagne and eat nice food (at DJ's Civic Christmas Sale Night). I got chatted up by a very cute bloke (who was trying to sign me up for the DJ's American Express card) but that's not really what I think the horoscope was meaning.

But maybe I should scoff no more. Madison told me:

November: a month to... manifest a life-changing period for anyone who really wants to shake things up. But it doesn't happen by itself, so ask yourself what you want and what is required for you to achieve it. Then get to work.

AU marie claire added:

You have so many planets onside this month, it's hard to know where to begin. There are a million things to do, with every one of them jockeying for position. Fortunately, November's feeling energetic, and you might just finish a little bit of everything. There'll be some testier moments, but you're about to set off a chain reaction that holds the promise of tremendous success. If this brings in extra cash, spend it - guilt-free.

And today I was offered redundancy from Job #1. Since not more than 4 weeks ago I counseled someone that "being offered a package with the option of staying and deciding to stay is the same as being told by your boyfriend he doesn't want to go out with you any more and you hanging around" I felt I had no option but to take the Fuck Off money and run.

So on one hand I'm kinda wishing I didn't just pay $800 for my sponsored kids, $630 for my rego, $384 for next year's theatre subscription and $124 for new towels. On the other hand I'm very glad I have an emergency fund and have transferred my credit card debt at lovely low rate. And getting paid to do nothing 3 days a week until the end of the year is pretty damned good...


createacraft said...

I want redundancy..
not even this..
I want one day off..
when everyone is at school.. job etc and the house is empty..

happyspider said...

bugger. still got some broad beans for you... not that that helps much....

Michelle said...

Damn! But as someone who just took fuckoffandleaveusalone money, I can say it is a Good Thing indeed.

And a break until the new year is always a wonderful thing!

Good luck with it all.

JustJess said...

Good luck with everything - a great opportunity to find something that's perfect fit for you. CMAG hiring?!