Monday, November 17, 2008


Still no luck working out how to embed a player in a post to play last week's ABC 666 outside broadcast so I'll give up and go the old school route.

Here's a link to my interview on the YouSendIt File Delivery Service. Unfortunately the link will expire on Friday (or after 100 downloads). Hopefully by then I'll have worked something out...

I was back at CMAG yesterday watching movies for the second Sunday afternoon in a row. This week the presentation was Selling the capital: reflections by David Kilby

Since the 1930s a number of short films have been produced promoting Canberra to tourists, potential residents and unwilling public servants being relocated from other capital cities. David Kilby will explore how the capital has been ‘sold’ in 16mm films from the 1930s to the 1980s. As a collection, the films provide a remarkable record of how The Garden City has been promoted nationally and internationally.A must-see for long-term Canberra residents and newcomers alike.

There were quizzes and prize lollies: it brought back memories of going to the Saturday flicks in Riccarton as a kid, which was more about the prizes and the games beforehand than the actual movies. Pity CMAG doesn't do a movie every Sunday afternoon: it was a most agreeable way to spend a couple of hours...

(Picture courtesy of Paul Webb)

(EDITED TO ADD: Interview is now available to listen to on the CMAG site)

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m1k1 said...

An excellent interview. Well done.