Friday, November 07, 2008

Divine Deco

So what was my favorite part of my four day stay at Chelsea Park?The beautiful Decoand Arts & Crafts details?

The fabulous cooked breakfast on Sunday morning (and the freshly made fruit salad and yoghurt the other mornings?)Discovering towels so thick and fluffy I felt like I'd died and gone to towel heaven (they were
Actil, of course!)

The overall feeling that I'd stepped back to a more gracious time?
All of this and more. As getaways go it was perfect from start to finish, even though I never made it into the spa bath as I had to chose between that and (finally) beginning to watch series one of The House of Eliott.Luckily I've already got an invite for a return visit. Just as well, really as I still have to see series two and three and I can't think of a better place to do it. She has Poirot as well...


createacraft said...

art deco and beauties..
and doll houses..

what can a girl ask for.. more and which can you put on first line =)


Anonymous said...

The House of Eliott and Poirot were so much fun to watch.