Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tightarse Tuesday: It pays to ask

As you've probably worked out, I'm a bit of a magazine junkie. I subscribe to a number of titles because they work out significantly cheaper than buying them at the local newsagents (eg: my US Vogues are around $5 each on subscription. My AU marie claires, $6 each)

While reading
Inside Out magazine a month or so ago a subscription offer card fell out which offered a deal "Save 50%: subscribe and get 1 year free" (ie: 2 years for $42). I set it aside planning to deal with it later in the week. It got buried in a pile of other things to deal with and I forgot all about it.

Until last Friday, when my Inside Out subscription renewal notice turned up, offering me a 2 year subscription for $70. Not nearly as enticing.

I dug out the 2 for 1 card which had, of course, expired. But rather than throwing it in the recycling I called the Inside Out subscription line and told them my sad story, finishing by asking if they would be prepared to honour the offer even though it expired over a month ago.

And, after being popped on hold while the person I was talking to asked her supervisor, I was told they'd charge me $42 for two years because I'd been such a "long time subscriber".

One phone call, one cheeky request and $28 saved!

(Which reminds me of something the nice chap at the marie claire subscription department told me: if you subscribe to a magazine and see a good deal advertised you can extend your subscription and get the deal even if your subscription isn't due for renewal just yet...)


Anonymous said...

What was that useful 4 digit code for inside out, in case any of the rest of us can attempt to deploy it?

AMCSviatko said...

Alas it's long since hit the recycling bin. Sorry :-}