Sunday, November 23, 2008

Seven Things Spring/ Summer 2008 Week 12: trying times

I managed to hit target with a little *ahem* creative counting as suggested by M1K1. Tempting as it was to add "1 job" to the list of outs I didn't. Even though I now have three empty file drawers at my disposal which used to be full of work stuff.


* 8 books, 3 school cases, 1 giant crochet hook, 1 bingo thingy, 1 children's singer sewing machine, 1 ball Jo Sharp DK tweed: (
Last Saturday's garage sale/ fete/ op shop crawl)
* 1 new wallet to replace my old one which died. I would have waited to find one in an op shop but the coins kept falling out of my broken one. Oh well, at least I got 25% off it...
* 1 book (op shop)
* 1 Wallpaper magazine (newsagents)

* 1 book (garage sale)
* 4 boxes sewing treasures, 4 sets knitting needles (garage sale)

Total In this week: 27


* NRMA Open Road magazine: recycling bin

* 1 book: given to a friend
* 1 desktop toy (broken): bin
* 1 Mac lipstick: given to Taph to end her fruitless search for the perfect red lipstick
* 20 Real Simple magazines, 1 Real Simple 2000-2003 index booklet, 2 books: Lifeline Bookfair
* 3 books sold to Booklore
* 1 plastic chopping board, 1 top, 1 headband with wobbly sticky up things attached from Luna Park, 1 pirate hat from my cruise to Bermuda: op shop

Total Out this week: 34


* Would you be surprised if I said socks?

Net items out so far during Seven Things Spring/ Summer 2008: 61


Leonie said...

Shouldn't there be a wallet on the Out list? Or has it been on a previous one? Just trying to get the count up for you, LOL!

AMCSviatko said...

Alas no: as a miniaturist anything with thin, soft leather gets kept for future use. I'm planning to offer it to a (miniaturist) friend and if she doesn't take it I'll decide whether it's a keeper or if I should chuck it.

Good spotting though!