Wednesday, November 26, 2008

IKEA comes to Canberra

Now before you get too excited I'm not telling you we're getting our own store (I wish, but know it'll never happen, especially now they're planning one at Tempe) but I am telling you you no longer have to waste six and a half hours of your life driving up to Sydney plus time trudging round at Rhodes to get your IKEA fix.

New company Bring it Home does that for you while you loll round at home eating chocolates (or anything else you'd care to spend seven plus hours doing!). Pop up to their website, tell them what you want and they'll pick it up for you on their next regular trip to the big blue and yellow box, and deliver it to your door.

And if you think their minimum charge of $60 is steep consider this: how much does it cost you in petrol and wear and tear on your car to do the trip? And does an under $10 an hour charge make it worth being able to spend that seven or eight hours doing something else?

I'm seriously considering using some of my package (when it shows up) and getting them to buy me the Udden workbench and a couple of Signum cable trunking organisers (which always seem to be out of stock when I happen to be at an IKEA)

(Thanks to Canberra's Got Style for the heads up)

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