Friday, November 21, 2008

Gosh, you're great...

In the 24 hours since my last blog post I've been made aware of five job opportunities by you lot. I'm feeling ever so warm and fuzzy right now. Thank you thank you thank you!

Of the five, I have (or will be) chasing up three. One is 5 hours a week so won't keep the Bank Manager from my door in the long term but it's a home based role with very flexible hours and is such a weirdly perfect match I just have to explore it further. One is working with someone I've known professionally for years: slightly outside of my comfort zone but I think will be fun and interesting. The third is exciting and scary and if I (by some twist of fate) manage to get it I'm sure there'll be at least one meltdown behind the filing cabinets in the first month (always, I think, a sign of a good role: I say to people: jobs are like jumpers when you were a kid. Always slightly too big for you so you can grow into them. Therefore it's pretty much compulsory that you, at some stage in the first few weeks, feel like bursting into tears and wailing "They're got the wrong person! There's no way I can do this!" This is a sign of a good job fit in my opinion.) But it's a six month contract.

Still waiting for my money. Silly me, I forgot to ask when exactly I was going to be paid out.

And I'm thinking there may be a rather unexpected "Fiscal Fast: The Spring/ Summer Edition" happening round here soon as I pull my head in big time...


Michelle said...

Good luck with the job opportunities! I'm glad you wrote about cowering behind the filing cabinet in tears, because I am currently so far out of my comfort zone and have been doing exactly that for the last month. But I have hope that everything will be OK, and besides, it seems they like me here. ;-)

PS. Magic word is 'lungs' in the word verif.

AMCSviatko said...

Just remember: you're the best person for the job. They believe you can do it.

Thanks for the word verif: reminds me I need to breath. Today was Day One of being "underemployed" and I felt I was running round like a mad thing, pushing myself all day.

I have to remember to breath. Realise I really am totally fine for 3 months and if I want to bottom out the savings could probably do 6.

Last night at a dinner/ photo showing a friend was saying "Oh! We've been watching the whole of XYZ series and now am hooked on UVW so spend our time watching that" and I was soooo jealous as I have DVDs that are 18 months old that I've not managed to watch yet.

Le's not mention my book pile, shall we??