Monday, November 24, 2008

Cupboard love

(No not really but the title works so it stays)

Two care parcels in two days. It would seem although my friends aren't worried about me they're thinking of me.

Yesterday Tania came for lunch and brought a bag full of goodies from her cupboards that she's not allowed to eat at the moment (
sounds strangely familiar...) And today J and I popped into the Indian store in Belconnen during our travels to picked up supplies*. And she wouldn't let me pay for mine (plus gave me some of the last pumpkin from her garden when I dropped her home) I've also been invited to join a food bank. When I said I really didn't think so as I wasn't in that sort of need it was pointed out to me that I was now official a Low Income Earner and therefore was entitled to use it. The mention of extremely cheap organic coffee was enticing but I think I'll probably pass. I'd love to hear you thought on the matter...

(Jobs applied for: 2)

(*Frugal alert: The Indian place in Oatley Court, Belconnen has a range of readimeals down to $1.50 each.
As I've said before, these usually do me for 2 lunches making the cost per meal about 90 cents if you include rice. Bargain!)

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m1k1 said...

Does Canberra have a good network of bartering coooperatives? My cousin who lives on a very low income (southern districts of Adelaide) has been part of one of these for many years.
How many overlocked doodads equal 5 kgs carrots?