Thursday, November 27, 2008

Money money money, Always sunny In the rich man's world

So the Fuck Off money came through. And more that I expected (did I mention I'm a pessimistic optimist so always expect the worst but hope for the best? And hey, if the worst happens I'm prepared, right?) Being a good little frugal girl 10% of it went straight into my emergency fund.

The rest is still sitting there. Next Tuesday I get my first pay from Job#2 under the Tax Free Threshold. And then I'll be able to do some sums and see where the lie of the land is. Or something... No sign of the Fuck Off Letter. Which I'm quite happy about as it means I can't take it down to Centrelink just yet.

Meanwhile I have a new regime. On the days I'm not at Job #2 I work for TSS until 12 noon (which usually means about 6 hours). Then I have an hour for lunch (I can cook lunch, eat lunch and read magazines). The afternoon, until 5pm is computer free and is a mix of sorting my house out and lolling on the sofa catching up with my reading. I think that might be called "relaxing". I'm not sure. Have to say when I do it I'm not feeling very relaxed at all... "OK, got an hour to deal with this backlog... On the couch... Feet up.... Shoulders down.... Lalala... Relaxing... Oh yes this is the life.... Lalala.... Will I finish this magazine in time or not? How many more to get through? Should I be trying to hook the video player up to the TV I was given in June and watch some of those videos I have piled up?"

Oh: And I forgot to apply for any jobs today. Too busy working, grocery shopping ($25 for the week! Yay for practicing with Fiscal Fasts!) and taking my laptop in to the computer memory guru to see what he can do for me...

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