Saturday, November 29, 2008

You've GOT to be kidding, right?!

A colleague at the paying the rent and maybe the food and yay I still have at least one job job forwarded me a link to an article entitled Frugalise your life. At first I was intrigued and ready to learn more. This was soon followed by raucous laughter, the sound of knee slapping and falling off my chair. (OK , maybe not really the last bit but you get the idea)

How's this for an example?

"the cost of hiring (a dress for an event) ranges from $50-180... It's designer wear at true discount prices — and no cluttering up the wardrobe either! "

How out of touch am I? I'd expect to BUY an outfit for an event for that amount. No, I take that back. The last formal outfit I bought for a cruise cost me $40. Including the footwear.

Then there's this:

"If you are cutting right back, Lawrence recommends the following essentials for every bathroom cabinet:"

Fair enough. But item number two states:

"Serum — "It can be pricey (upwards of $80), but an anti-ageing antioxidant serum is a brilliant investment, especially if you're cutting back on facials."

Yup, I can see that's a frugal essential. *guffaw* And "cutting back on facials"? That assumes you have them in the first place...

But wait! There's more! Check out item number five:

"Gradual tanner"

Oh yeah, that's really frugal. And totally necessary. Not.

And at the end of this list of "essentials"?

"Manicure — "There's a $20-a-pop nail bar on every corner these days. It's a lovely treat and time-out."

(Or you can do it at home for free if you're that hung up on them...)

Then there's this:

"She also suggests talking to your hairdresser about doing colour touch-ups at home yourself, thereby meaning you only need to pay for a professional colour every 12 weeks or so. "If you ask them, they will tell you how to do the touch-ups and sell you the products you need," she says."

(Or you could just not colour your hair...)

Oddly enough, I'm not awaiting part two with baited breath!


Pennie said...

Thank you so much for picking out the good bits of that long article, you just gave me a good chuckle!
I'm very happy not needing any of this advice or need to pass it onto any of my family or friends! LOL great fun to read though.

Andrea said...

LOL - it made me giggle too.

ninaribena said...

Gaffaw indeed, I don't facial, tan, manicure or have professional hair colouring - ever - even while not being frugal. Essentials... Hilarious stuff, I could fall off my chair!

Michelle said...

That frugal for the Sydney Elite, no doubt!

I'm currently reading "Affluenza". If you haven't read it and can find a copy, do! Very eye opening.

AMCSviatko said...

Which version of Affluenza? If you mean the Clive Hamilton and Richard Denniss one I picked it up second hand a couple of years ago to add to my (small) collection of retail anthropology books...

Michelle said...

The Oliver James one.

AMCSviatko said...

Have just requested it from the library (how frugal of me!)