Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Fabulous Frugallers and their freebies

Last night was DJs Christmas Sale Night part deux (not only do you get free bubbles, you get free Yellow. None of this cheap stuff) There was free food (alas, not as good as the Tosolini's goodies they had at Civic last week)

I took the
now standard knitting with free alcohol shotwhile Taph filled out her application to be given a $50 DJs voucher for an American Express DJs card*. (No, the glasses aren't all ours!)

Sadly, we then spent half an hour wandering round looking for something to spend our $100 windfall on. With very little luck. We managed to knock one of the vouchers off but then gave up and went home after I sulked a little over the fact they not only didn't have the L'eau de Issey EDP gift packs I usually buy in either of their Canberra stores but Woden was completely out of L'eau de Issey EDP in single bottles too...

I cheered up somewhat when I got home and read an email from Sola Rosa
offering me a free download of a track off their new album (due for release in February next year).It's very good. I've played it too many times already!

(* Here's the deal: if you apply for a card on a Christmas Sale Night you get given a $50 DJs gift voucher. But if your application is successful you get charged $99 in fees on the first statement. Which isn't good (especially as a normal DJs card is fee-free). So what you do is apply, get the gift voucher then cancel your application a day or so later. Preferably after you've spent the gift voucher!)

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