Thursday, November 13, 2008

What a day...

Bad night's sleep (including a very odd dream where I left my family eating dinner at a restaurant to hunt through the pots of vintage knitting needles they had for sale!) followed by an 7:15am breakfast function (can't complain: free breakfast continued the November ligging theme) and a half day's work.

I washed my fabbo new towels. I bought myself a
DVD I've wanted for ages (40% off coupon expires today) I did a wee interview with ABC 666 at CMAG (I've been promised a copy of it which I'll then try and work out how to load here for your edification).
I met
a lovely fellow Canberra blogger for the first time. I ate a fabulous afternoon tea (you really should join as a member of CMAG if for no other reason than their stunning catering!) and took the leftovers upstairs to a meeting with Craft ACT to talk about a(nother) mad plan I have. I visited Olivia's pears and gave them a pat.

I came home and bought some wine on special. And now I'm going to ignore the fact a few of you are waiting with baited breath for me to list the rest of the
Lundby Gotland range and








Odd concept really: crawl into my bed which has just been changed to
summer attire (interesting that that link also includes a CMAG event, the fact I was having trouble getting my proposal for the exhibtion written and the certain belief that I was going to be in Vienna in 2008!), knit some gifts, read some magazines and listen to some music. And maybe have a glass of wine.

(All photos thanks (
again) to Roving Reporter Rowan. More coverage of the day from CMAG can be found here)

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Olivia said...

Mad plan? Intriguing.