Saturday, August 25, 2007

Saturday, and the culture continues...

Childers Street in the city was abuzz today from one end to the other.We started sort of in the middle outside The Street Theatre which was hosting State of Belonging as part of the Canberra Living Artists Week. It was described as "Loosely modelled on the Iron Chef television series, teams from the ACT and NSW will spar for the CLAW Trophy (created by glass artist Megan Bottari), with a ‘cast’ of artists, critics, judges, commentators featuring special guest H. G. Nelson from Triple J’s This Sporting Life." We arrived just in time for a parade of recycled fashions, stayed for a while to see what they were buildingthen wandered north and round the corner to The Drill Hall Gallery to see Three Creative Fellows, an exhibition of works by Sidney Nolan, Arthur Boyd and Narritjin Maymuru (who had all been awarded ANU Creative Arts Fellowships in the 1960s and 1970s.I particularly liked Sidney Nolan's 9 panelled Riverbend but also enjoyed sticky beaking at the architecture as I've not been in the Drill Hall before.From the Drill Hall it was back up the street to the ANU School of Art open day where S made a beeline to the glass department where we watched the winning designs from the Design a Goblet competition being made up. Then over to visit Ampersand Duckwhomade mea wanted poster(for incorrigible acts of blogging)

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Ampersand Duck said...

Thanks for the visit!

Did you spot the glaring typo on your poster that nobody spotted until I'd printed the very. last. one. for. the. day?!!

I'm so cranky, but it was so busy we didn't spot it ourselves!