Monday, November 19, 2007

Busy and bored

Many things to do. Still so long to go (or so it feels). I'm feeling rather frustrated - like I want to lean out the window and scream "HURRY UP ALREADY!" to Friday. Like that would help.

Instead I've been keeping busy with vitally important stuff like watching the entire first season of Ugly Betty on Saturday night and Sunday (and feverishly knitting cupcakes). Mowing the back lawn. Dosing my new vintage embroidered pillow cases with TLC (And bleach. And laundry whitener. And a good soak in a bucket of washing powder. And lemon juice. Resulting in pristine white pillowcases. Yay me!) Talking to Richard, the rhubarb plant that followed me home from one of Saturday's fetes. And cleaning bits of the bathroom that haven't had attention for a incy wincy bit too long and need to be sorted for the friends who are staying here while their bathroom is renovated.

Oh - and cleaning and arranging my new pear collection in place of honour. Vitally important stuff, as I said.

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Janet McKinney said...

That is some collection of pears. Now we all know what to get for you in our frugalling trips!!

Janet McK