Friday, December 28, 2007

Bowled over

The challenge is complete!

It took a whole 14 months, far too many visits to op shops to count, a grand total $19.20 and Taph (who found 4 cereal bowls on her frugalling rounds today) but I finally have a Maxwell Williams White Basics dinner set for 8 (plus some spares). For under $20 (I already said that, didn't I?)

Here's the final round up for The Great Maxwell Williams Dinner Set Challenge of 2006/2007:

Dinner plates: 8
Total cost: $6.10

Side plates: 9 (Oops!)
Total cost: $2.40

Cereal bowls: 9 (Double oops!)
Total cost: $1.00

Cups & saucers: 10 cups & saucers (Oh well..)
Total cost: $9.70


1 comment :

Michelle said...

Well done!

Although it's beyond me why anyone would want to give away M&W white basics. I'd never part with mine!