Monday, July 28, 2008

Modern Miniatures on Monday: Parade of Houses, Part Six

And, just to confuse issues, there's another Lundby house called Stockholm.

Designed by
Box Design architects Ann Morsing and Behan Nord, it was released to the European market in 2005 but not in Australia until 2007. I got mine in late June 2006. It was free (OK, sometime there are perks involved in selling dolls house furniture on eBay!)

This Stockholm (the first new design for Lundby in 15 years) feels more like a beach house, with only three rooms: lounge/ dining/ kitchen:bathroom, and bedroom:There's outdoor access between them all (including an external staircase) plus three outdoor terraces (including a pull-out swimming pool on the bottom level).

Paintings are by
Lisa Rinnevuo.

My Curator and I are in discussion about added extras needed. The discussion is going something like this:

(Last week)

Her: Can we have a
slide and sunloungers and parasol like in the catalogue?

Me: I'll think about it...

(This week)

Me: I'm thinking of getting the
garden table and benches for the patio as there's not much room to eat inside...

Her: But won't that block the view of the lounge?

Me: And a whacking great slide or parasol won't?!

Her: (After a few moments) Are you planning on getting
the vine for the trellis?

Me: No. It's $30. And I don't like it that much. Unless you have budget for it...
Anyway, that's the end of my collection of Lundby houses. Although it's a little tempting to add the new Gotland cottage when it's released in a couple of months:but I suspect my Curator would have words with me as she's already had to find room for two extra houses in the exhibition space...

But stay tuned! We're not leaving Sweden yet. Next week, it's life Con Brio...


ninaribena said...

ooooh LOVE this one... where were you hiding it??? heh heh. I'd live there. Love Gotland too oh, if only they came in MY size!

AMCSviatko said...

Upstairs. Room of Shame (and many dolls houses) Damn shame you don't have girls or I'd sell you one ;-)

(Or is that being sexist?)

rooruu said...

These houses are amazing!

Came across this today and thought it might be to your colour taste:

AMCSviatko said...

Rooruu: I have 5 words.



Anonymous said...