Sunday, October 04, 2009

Saturday report part one: One miniature convention

Where I was given the use of an official one of a kind press pass by a lovely friend (that wasn't all I was given: details to follow)

bumped into a fellow I Op - ACT member, admired this mini art store by Jenny Balderson (see, I remembered to write down the creators this time!)told Rosemary Blake how great her miniature tea cosies wereand talked to Brindabella Miniatures about inclusion in Call of the Small next year.Then I had lunch with Diva (who's generously offered me the use of her studio and expertise in the designing and building the miniature craft gallery for the exhibition) before having to race off.

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Rebecca said...

Thank you for posting these pictures - lovely to see such great minis. Those tea cosies are amazing - tiny knitting, and tiny embroidery!
I love the vases too, I've seen similar ones on US ebay, so it's good to know they're made in Australia too.