Monday, August 16, 2010

The Galleries 2: Red Hots

16: Tension/ Balance by Pete Bollington, $37.50. 17: Basket with scarf - autumn by Jennifer Howlett, $20. 18: Timber trinket box by Robert Boot, $100. 19: Book 4 by David Hodges, $150. 20: Letter series: Rat by Ampersand Duck, $15. 21: Letter series: Ampersand by Ampersand Duck, $15. 22: Letter series: Dragonfly by Ampersand Duck, $15.
18: Timber trinket box, as before. 19: Book 4, as before. 20: Letter series: Rat, as before. 21: Letter series: Ampersand, as before 22: Letter series: Dragonfly, as before. 24, 25, 26, 27: Bowls by Robert Boot, $30 each. 28,29,30: Small pods by Olivia Sherwood, $12 each.All items as before except 23: Almost Ace by Ampersand Duck, $15.


My Realitty said...

The R&D is wonderful. Can we order these? I have heard of Ampersand Duck. Are they one of a kind. I feel the need for ART with a capital A coming on. Thanks CM

AMCSviatko said...

The Ampersand Duck works all come editioned. What's in the gallery is edition 1, not for sale as she has generously given me the complete set.

Editions from number three are available for sale: Letter series - Ampersand is an edition of 10, the rest of the letters are editions of 20. Also available are Letter series - Owl and Letter Series - Frog. All of Ampersand Duck's work for the exhibition can be seen here:

If you're not able to get to the exhibition and are desperate to own one of the works I can act as, well, a Shopping Sherpa. Let me know what you're after and, if it's available I'll send you a Paypal invoice including postage and packing...