Sunday, March 27, 2011

That wasn't fair was it?

Showing you a pile of swap packages and then going all quiet on you...

Day two
Customised vintage play hut

Day threeReac Medrazzo stool

Day four
Three yards of black and white fabric

Day five

12 clear plastic mini boxes filled with treats

Day six
Assorted craft items

Day seven
Vintage Lundby, redone

Day eight
Letterpress "A", a moss pot, a monkey and zebra shoes

Day nine
Some op-art wall decoration (and other wall art)

Day ten
Ten chocolate squares... of carpet!

Day *
Mini zipper pull ornament

Thanks for the generous parcel, Call of the Small: I promise to make some scenes using them very very soon, now that life is returning to normal around here...


Neomig said...

How I adore these small transparent plastic boxes!
I'm green with envy.

callsmall said...

Everything looks so great the way you place and photograph everything! Makes me think I did an OK job ;) I am also glad to see your purple little cat in the extra blind box treat! Have fun!

Pubdoll said...

Great gifts, I like the redone Lundby chair and love the bottleopeners!

Di said...

Gotta agree with Neomig. What a brilliant haul

H. Bean said...

What a package! Call Small sent so much cool stuff to work with. Especially loving the stool, fabric, white wallpaper & letterpress A. I'm looking forward to seeing the scenes you make with them.