Saturday, April 06, 2013

Small souvenirs (and sad about scale)

 While in Wellington I picked up these two fridge magnets from a shop in Cuba Street called Abstract Designs (they do lots of interesting laser-cut designs and I always pop in to see what they have that I could use for miniatures.)

I knew they'd go really well with some wrapping paper I bought ages ago from Pepe's Paperie and this afternoon, after clearing a corner of my worktable of stuff dumped there before the ACTME show, I threw up a trial scene:
(The table and pouffes in the foreground are show stock, supposedly hitting etsy sometime in the near future. Which could possibly be defined as 'after the May show')

And the tabletop at the back? From a set of coasters I picked up at an op shop some months back (which I thought would be perfect for a bar scene, if ever I did one), sitting on a free sample from the perspex people.
 And while we're on the subject of Abstract Designs, they had the most amazing modern table and chair set for sale. Alas, at a scale we suspect was plucked out of thin air.

I didn't buy them but begged the woman in the shop to get them scaled down so I could. And here's a photo of a set bought by a mini friend in Wellington with us lamenting (over lunch) at the lack of them in 1/12th scale:


Pepper said...

OOo I do like that table and chair set. I take it they're laser cut and are put together with slots?
Love 'em

The Shopping Sherpa said...

They are indeed and come ready assembled. The ones shown are rimu so are just lovely (apart from being the wrong size)...

Mad For Mod said...

That table and chair set are awesome! I too wish they came in 1/12! Nice find on the magnets too!

Minis-B-Happenin' said...

Wow! I'm loving this mosaic paper that you used for flooring! Graphic and dramatic!