Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Mid-week news

There is excitement in the air at The House of TSS this week.

Firstly, I popped up in The Huffington Post again yesterday.
Secondly, I'm in discussions with a major international newspaper which is wanting to publish a photo essay of my work.

Thirdly, for those of you who read this via your feed reader, you might want to pop over to my new page and have a look (excuse the smell of new paint and piles of sawdust and tools: it's still very new. And, hopefully, very temporary. Let's call it an online pop-up shop, shall we?)


cowboybunny said...

Congrats on the feature! How wonderful!!

Modern MC said...

Congratulations! Love getting to actually hear your voice!! And yes, yes, if only EVERYTHING we didn't like could be put in a box and stuck under the bed. HA! This is a great. And you are very good on camera!


AMCSviatko said...

That's the stilted version of me: they told me, after the first few takes, not to 'over-act'.

I wasn't. That's just how I am. So I spent the last bit of the day literally sitting on my hands and, when saying ;I was so excited', smiling gently *insert eye-rolling emoticon here*

At least I got to be in my dolls house! :-D

Kikka N said...

Congrats, That is so Cool!