Sunday, October 05, 2014

A Saturday with Sandra

1. Miniatures at the markets:

Our first stop of the morning was The Wellington Underground Markets, primarily to visit the Blue Star Kiwi stall (I was intrigued after receiving gifts purchased from there by travelling friends.)

On the way we found these miniature necklaces at Whirlwind's stall:
and I succumbed to temptation...

The Blue Star Kiwi stall was popular (a heartening sign)
and full of very reasonably-priced miniatures.
(and rabbits)
And I succumbed to temptation...

So what did I pick up?

Free fliers from various stalls that I can turn into posters:
(Plus cards and a magnet that I bought for the same reason).
A terrarium from Whirlwind:
Food from Blue Star Kiwi:
2. Afternoon adventures:

I was fortunate enough to be in Wellington for the Weta 20th anniversary celebrations and we managed to go to two talks on their history at Te Papa,

Which included mention of their miniature work (which made us quite excited),
but also mention that it's a dying art, as it's being replaced by digital work (which made us quite depressed).


Rebecca said...

Wow! Looks like a wonderful day. How amazing that there's a stall of miniatures at a regular market! The food looks yummy, great buys :-)
That is sad about miniature work being replaced by digital :-( Did they say anything about whether they keep the miniatures they've made?

Sandra said...

Hi Rebecca. Someone asked that question about props in general. It depends on the customer. Many movies have clauses built into the contract that all props and moulds are destroyed post production.

Some (like Peter Jackson) like to keep the items for prosterity