Monday, June 01, 2015

Emporium euphorium

Within four hours of arriving in Wellington, two people had mentioned that I might like Pete's Emporium. And since one of them was a fellow miniaturist, and we had a shopping date the following morning, it was almost certain that our first stop would be to check it out.
Woman in a haberdashery section of a craft shop, holding up a large jar of studs.
I wasn't disappointed. 
Selection of jars of food-shaped buttons.
Jar of hamburger-shaped buttons.
But, since I'm gainfully unemployed, I was somewhat restrained and only bought some* square black planters
Three different-sized square black modern dolls' house miniature plant pots.
and some waxed thread to try basket weaving with.
Two packages of waxed thread, one lime green and one black.
(*By some, I actually mean quite a few.)

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