Saturday, January 14, 2017

Oh, the plans that I had!

This week was going to be productive, according to my plans at least.

I was going to finish the two Finish it off Friday projects that have been hanging round, and blog on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Since I had the day off on Friday it made complete sense to pull out a big project that has been sidelined for almost a year and commit the weekend to finishing it off.

But, as usual, I completely neglected to factor in the heat. And how tiring it is to train a new starter at work. It didn't help that I spent Wednesday and Thursday feeling like I was coming down with a migraine (although Doctor Google tells me it may have actually been a silent migraine, so the headache never arrived).

So instead of spending yesterday being super-productive, I spent it bumbling around. And napping. Oh well, that's what holidays are for, right?

I did get excellent mail, though:
Box of dollhouse gig posters nestled in tissue paper in a postal box.
My not-Christmas present to myself: a set of letterpress dollhouse gig posters from Starshaped Press
Selection of letterpress dollhouse gig posters and a single record displayed around the presentation box they came in.
which should be great inspiration for some mini scenes in the near future.
Detail of two dollhouse gig posters on their presentation cards.

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Pepper said...

Love the posters :0)