Monday, February 06, 2017

Blogiversary* at the beach

A friend held a birthday party last weekend at Ettalong, and invited me to share the apartment she'd booked for the weekend.
View from an apartment balcony across the beach and sea below.
So I was lucky enough to spend the weekend at the beach,
Beach at sunset with the tide out. Two people are paddling in the distance, and behind them are a number of moored yachts.
View across an inlet at sunset.
with a fabulous ring-side seat for the spectacular sunrises (I snapped the picture below from my bed, by reaching one arm out the sliding room next to it which lead onto our (enormous) balcony!)
View from a balcony, across an inlet at sunrise.
View across an inlet at sunrise, with the sun just coming up behind a hill.
There was miniature inspiration: particularly at Hatter's Tea House, where we had lunch on Saturday:
Retro living room with vintage sofa draped with a crocheted rug, and green wing chair with floor lamp behind it.
and just up the street at Geoff's Boatshed, which sold mainly fishing and boating supplies, but also had a range of souvenirs including bottles of miniature shells, and tiny china animals:
Selection of bottles containing miniature shells in front of a box displaying postcards.
So I came home with a selection of suitably nautical souvenirs (plus some not-so-nautical pieces).
Miniature china flying ducks and wise monkeys, plus a metal anchor keyring and five bottles of miniature shells arranged on a tabletop.
Plus I may have managed a quick visit to Daiso while I waited for the train home and picked up a few more things not pictured.


otterine said...

Happy 11 Years of Blogging! :D Lovely scenery.

Elizabeth S said...

Such an Amazing sunset!
I'm glad that you not only had an opportunity to visit your friend and celebrate a birthday but that you found a few miniature treasures to take home with you- Double Bonus! :D

p.s. Happy Blog Birthday! 11 years is quite an achievement!

Jodi Hippler said...

Happy Blogiversary! My window looks out onto the eight inches of snow we've gotten since Saturday. It's nice to see a beach, a sunrise and to know that one day I shall look out upon summer again!

Kitty And Kat Miniatures said...

Happy Anniversary!!

Kristine PaperDollMiniatures said...

Looks like a fantastic way to spend a weekend! Happy 11 years of blogging, you always inspire!

Mad For Mod said...

What a great way to celebrate and get away! 11 years...Wow! Congratulations!