Monday, October 09, 2017

Monday (and the story of the missing metronome...)

Because I'd bought a Lori Loft to Love online from David Jones, those pesky Google algorithms kept throwing up ads for other Lori items offered by them.

Which (as you do) I basically ignored. Until the morning when my eye caught the prices on the advert. Which were much lower than it had been when I'd last been on their site (and, dammit, when I'd bought my loft...).

So I found myself clicking through. And discovering that the ballet studio was deeply discounted. Enough that I could easily justify yet another miniature edifice to try and find room for.

Soon after it arrived, I pulled the mirror sticker off the back wall and sawed off the barre. And (I'm not sure how) the space decided to become a piano studio with the addition of a bed I picked up half price from the Blue Star Kiwi stall in Wellington last month, an afghan from a 2014 Melbourne trip and the desk from Margell Public School. Plus a rug I picked up back in 2008 (used to cover the holes in the floor where the piano was attached for shipping) and the cushions I bought at the 2016 NZAME convention.
One-twelfth scale modern miniature piano studio with a grand piano in front of a bay window. On the floor are strewn several pages of music.
I contemplated adding a poster from the set I bought last Christmas (which seemed apt, as I'd decided that this was an early Christmas present to myself. Let's not even discuss the fact that I don't do Christmas, shall we?)

But if this was to be a studio for a dedicated piano student, there was something missing: a metronome!

I knew I'd bought a beautiful Alan Waters one many years ago: I just had to find it.

Many miniaturists will understand the frustration of looking for that one tiny thing. I checked Stephen's apartment (the most likely home for it). No luck.

I checked all my other scenes, with the same outcome.

I checked my storage boxes for 'Pastimes and hobbies', and 'Lounge decoration'. Still nothing.

Finally, I tried miniature meditation. You know the one. Sit. Relax. Focus on the object you're looking for...

And it came to me. The metronome was on the shelf of a music room. That I'd made for (and given to) my mum years ago.

So long ago, in fact that it hadn't (as far as my nifty search skills told me) been blogged about. And a search of the envelopes of printed photos from my film camera found nothing either.

I guess I need to make or buy a new one. In the meantime, I still need to decide what year my piano studio is set in. That will inform the choice of desk chair, among other things...

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