Monday, November 20, 2017

Saturday screen test

Last week's miniature inspiration happened early on Wednesday morning, as I lolled in bed with my morning mug of tea and a copy of Wallpaper* magazine, enjoying the down-time before I needed to get ready for work, and spotted this advertisement (with a screen in a design that looked rather familiar):
Magazine advertisement for furniture including a black and white striped screen, with three pieces of black and white striped bunting laid on top, and a utility knife.
And I was out of bed and rummaging in workroom for supplies before I knew it.

On Saturday, feeling all smug-like, I started on cutting out the pieces (stopping, as one does, to Instagram the process)...
Flat lay of a pencil, utility knife, metal ruler and a one-twelfth scale modern miniature tulip chair along with a rectangle of black and white striped wood, plus some offcuts.
(Wheee! Look at me! This is so eas... Oops).

As I finished cutting the second piece I realised that the way the bunting had been printed meant that, no matter which way up I turned the pieces of the screen, the stripes all faced the same way. (The only solution would be to cut across the bunting, but that would make the screen very (very) short).
Two rectangular and one bunting-shaped pieces of plywood printed with black and white stripes,laid out on a cutting mat, along with a metal ruler and a utility knife.
Luckily I'd bought some much-more-expensive-but-still-deeply-discounted rectangular bunting on the same shopping trip. With black (but no white) stripes. 
Rectangular piece of plywood bunting, printed with black stripes, laid out on a cutting mat along with a metal ruler and a utility knife.
So I tried again. The wood on this bunting was thinner, so easier to cut. And this time the concept worked (although, in retrospect the anal-retentive in me would have preferred it if I'd moved the pieces so the stripes matched).
Three rectangular pieces of plywood, printed with black stripes, laid out on a cutting mat along with a roll of black duct tape, a metal ruler and a utility knife.
And then I went downstairs to wash some dishes. Which was when the old subconscious tapped me on the shoulder and reminded me that I had some printed hessian in stash that might just work rather well with this new version of the screen, if I just made the time to add the bias binding I'd planned to the edges of it...
One-twelfth scale modern miniature scene including a plywood screen with black stripes, a hessian rug with a black chevron pattern, a white tulip chair with a black seat and a bronze side table with a potted fern sitting on it.
And so it was that the end result of my miniature crafting adventures turned out quite differently than I'd expected. Again.

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Jodi Hippler said...

It's always an adventure travelling from where the idea begins to where it ends! I love where this scene has taken you! xx