Saturday, January 27, 2018

A Japanese-themed January jaunt

On return from my trip away I realised that most of the photos I took were Japanese-themed. I had an hour of so to break my trip in Sydney before I met up with my friend further north and so ran a couple of mini-related errands in the city.

I found this mural at The Galeries Victoria:
Mural featuring a cat, a Japanese girl and a man reading a book.
 on the way to visit Muji to buy pill containers to try and make a trolley like Marion's.
Entrance to the Sydney Muji store.
Then (of course) there was a visit to Daiso before I caught the train to meet my friend.

And discovered that there was a suitably-patterned bedspread on the bed in her spare room:
Plastic Daiso bag filled with purchases, on a black and white Japanese-print bedspread.
On Saturday we visited the Edogawa Commemorative Garden in Gosford, even though it was stinking hot.
Japanese garden with a path leading towards a tea house.
Pond in a Japanese garden with pagoda next to it, seen through a round window.
Plants and statue in a Japanese garden.
My purchases from the trip included some bits for the build I'd left half-finished before I left: a set of blue-and-white patterned washi tape from Muji and a pen from Daiso with a kokeshi doll on the top:
Three rolls of Japanese-patterned blue and white washi tape and a pen with a plastic kokeshi doll on the top of it.
both of which fitted in very well when my attention returned to the scene this morning,
One-twelfth scale Japanese-themed display on a chest of drawers, with a rice-paper lamp. a kokeshi dolls, a plant in a blue-and-white Japanese pot and a white rectangular bowl.
(and gave me just the kick in the pants I needed to finish making the bedding, and put the rest of the scene together!)
Corner of a one-twelfth scale Japanese-themed bedroom with a cream cane bed with blue-and-white bedding, a chest of drawers with a rice-paper lamp. a kokeshi dolls, a plant in a blue-and-white Japanese pot and a white rectangular bowl displayed on it and, on the floor, a blue and white checked rug with a pair of embroidered slippers on it.

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Susi said...

I love the patterns of the washi tapes and the scene looks so real - I had to look twice! The doll completes the scene beautifully.