Saturday, August 22, 2020

Life in uncertain times

 And, finally, the weekend.

I gave up on the studio as too cold and decamped to the dining room table, where I finished the last few things I needed for my chair scene, then, chasing the light, to the kitchen to finally put it together.

I call it Life in uncertain times.

(And I'm hoping that that 'P 30m' sign doesn't mean 30 months: although my mortgage would be rather pleased if that were the case!)
Careful placement of the chair, and the angle and cropping of the photographs means you don't get to see this:
(I did have a back-up plan which involved ever-so-casually draping a throw or shawl on the side of the chair, but that turned out to be unnecessary).

One good thing about setting up a scene on the kitchen bench is that you're forced to put it away (or at least somewhere else) before you can start preparing dinner...


Sheila said...

I love your mini scene. So cute and so apt!

Megan Schetsche said...

Your pandemic scene is gorgeous. Does the person living there possibly have a cat? Looks like it did a number on the chair, ha ha!

AMCSviatko said...

Thanks Sheila and Megan!

And Megan: I hadn't thought of that (obviously too long since I last had a cat in the household: and he certainly wouldn't have been so badly behaved as to shred the furniture!)