Sunday, March 17, 2024

A seriously slothful Sunday slowly sorting things out

 After the last couple of days I need to pull the drawbridge up and recover, but decided that can include putting away the treasures I collected yesterday, and pulling the dark academia scene back to the centre of the work table (and my mind). All in my pyjamas.

Here're the treasure I bought yesterday to add to my collection:

First up, I went back for the other pieces of furniture to match the writing desk I bought on Friday night: I don't have any plans for them, but felt bad splitting them up:

One-twelfth scale vintage dark-wood cupboards and blanket chest.
and while I was at the stall, picked up a cheap bag of furniture because I spied some tiny drawers in it (I obviously still have a thing for tiny drawers)
One-twelfth scale miniature set of tiny drawers
and when I got home realised they were part of a victorian dresser set and I'd just seen them upside down while the mirror piece was hiding.

Also in the bag was a blue bookcase, and filing cabinet which will be fun to try and refinish to fit into the current build, plus a broken table: I'm still tossing up if I should glue it back together or sacrifice the legs for more candle holders.
Vintage wooden bookcase, 2-drawer filing cabinet, broken dining table with turned legs and tiny drawers next to a swivel mirror that belongs on top.
The last thing I picked up from that particular stall was a sheet of stupidly-cheap wall tiles:
Sheet of tiny styrene suqare wall tiles
I couldn't resist buying a few kits: a couple more JWT ones and one from a new-to-me seller, Gum Blossom Miniatures, which I couldn't resist because it had daisies on it:
3 one-twelfth scale kits: one for a shop counter, one for a clothes rack and one for a set of lightboxes with daisy designs on the front.
(I'd admired a completed version of the shop drawers kit on the stall of The Miniature Witch, and she was kind enough to tell me that it was made from a kit: and I was lucky enough to find one on the very next stall when I asked!)

I collected some frames, baskets and a tiny birdcage from various stalls throughout the day,
One-twelfth scale modern miniature picture frames, round woven baskets and tiny metal birdcage
and finally, paid a visit to Jennifer's stall to collect some fabric pieces which I did not need (but black and white daisies!):
Selection of pieces of quilting fabric with small-scale prints
The 2 on the left I bought hoping they'd work in the dark academia scene, but I must have been more tired than I thought because when I checked this morning they don't seem to work, which is odd because I usually carry colour pretty well:
2 swatches of fabric against a one-twelfth scale kilim rug.
Speaking of which (the dark academia scene, not being more tired than I thought), I popped the writing desk into my trial scene, which caused me to need to move some things around, and add some more books (and the 2-drawer filing cabinet to test), and I'm feeling rather pleased with the result so far:
One-twelfth scale modern miniature dark academia study with a writing desk, potted plant, 2-drawer filing cabinet and side tables piled with books.


R. Jones said...

That's looking fantastic!!

AMCSviatko said...

Thank you: although I think it's veering into 'crazy old professor' a bit far but a) isn't that what dark academia is based on and b) does it matter if it does? 🤣

R. Jones said...

🤣 I think it's creative license time to go to dark academia if you want. It could be a little Moriarty-like and that's ok!! I really enjoy looking at your creations!

Anonymous said...

You found really nice items and the « final » set up is very nice ! And you get to do the best : craft minis in pjs ! Mini ElleAime