Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Brain says "No"

I've been in a bit of a crafting slump this past week, unable to rouse myself into any form of enthusiasm for making, well, anything.

Which rather perplexed me until tonight as I drove home from a presentation at The National Library on A day in the life of a virtual librarian (of the non-Avatar sort) by Kate Davis (sorry, can't find any links to it)

You see, in the past week or so I've been out and about a lot for work. Which uses up a fair bit of brain space. The very same brain space, I suspect, which I was using for plotting crafting goodness. It's a good theory. I might test it this evening by going downstairs and sitting on the sofa. After having placed the basket containing E's three-quarter-finished dinosaur hoodie on the other end. And see what happens.

Oh, and the photo at the top of this post? It's craft of a sort - I finally framed the Ted Naos New York Skyline card Princess B bought me at The Guggenheim gift shop back in May last year. I used a box frame from a set of 8 I picked up super cheap at The Warehouse and sandwiched thick mounting squares between each of the three layers of card to give it some dimension.

The only problem is now I'm itching to travel again. Not do craft...

(Listening to: Hird, Moving on)


Kimberlee + Lies said...

don't worry, the drive to craft never dies, it just lies dormant sometimes:)
thanks for you post on our blog but the link didn't work and I can't find the example of your labels. can you help me?


shanna said...

that's cool!

i saw a craft show a month ago that had a guy who created similar skylines using soda cans. he sanded the non-painted side to give it some interest, cut it out, and layered it. you could see a bit of color from the outside of the cans bounce off the plain side. it was pretty cool.

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Hi Kimberlee

Sorry to hear my link didn't work (you're the second person who's said that to me this week - I'm now a tad suspicious of "New Blogger")

The post I meant was called "Having a brand old time" and was written on January 21st.

Hope that helps!