Friday, February 23, 2007

Karma Bank payouts

I did my Visa accounts yesterday. Oh hurrah, one of my favourite tasks (NOT!).

But along the way I noticed that my last haircut had been charged to my account at 1/10th of it's price. I had about 10 seconds of "WooHoo!" then picked up the phone, rang the lovely
Boyd and let him know what had happened and said I'd sort it out when I came in tonight.

Obviously The Karma Bank thought this was a good idea. Last night I caught up with
Taph at an industry function and she slipped me a bag containing the following:A copy of The decorated doll's house by Jessica Ridley, Stranded: The Secret History of Australian Independent Music by Clinton Walker (at first I thought they were doing rude things on the cover and rammed it back into the bag super quick - which in retrospect might have seemed a little rude in itself - sorry Taph, if that was the case!) and a lovely set of black knitting needles.

Speaking of knitting, Taph had hers with her (of course!) and took pity on my longing looks and let me knit her latest
Time Thief Watch Cap while she pulled out a matinee jacket from her bag and proceeded to tell me how she bet me to Colleen (The Wool Lady at Vinnies Belconnen) last week and bought the very wool I was knitting with.

Along the way I think I got my knitting mojo back. So thanks doubly, Taph!

Doubling back a bit, the Jessica Ridley book is one of my faves as she has many 20th century projects in her book:a cool Manhattan apartment (I've used the venetian blind instructions
for here and they're great)

A modern kitchen:and, heading back in time a little, the Bloomsbury studio at Charleston:And tonight, when I arrived early for my haircut I popped into Don't tell Phyliss down the road and discovered they were selling off the following for $5 each:The wooden cases are marked down from $16.95 and contain a little packet of (little!) biscuits and some tea. I plan to do rather interesting things with the cases. And the towel chocolate logs were down from $16. I saw these in Chicago and thought they were great but didn't buy them. These are both presents in the making. All up, they'd usually cost $99.80. I bought them for $30. The amount I saved was almost exactly the cost of a haircut. How weird is that?

(Oh - and we're having the second thunderstorm of the day. But at least I saw a double rainbow, heading straight into the DoFA building (no camera, of course). So if you work for DoFA, be very happy!)

(Listening to: Jamiroquai , Emergency on Planet Earth)


Helen said...

Wow - that mini-Charleston Farmhouse studio is amazing! Just like the real thing. I visited there on my OE and it was amongst my top ten travelling experiences.

+ good to hear you got your knitting mojo back!

x H

Taphophile said...

Sorry to have freaked you out - now that I look at the cover I do see what you mean.

Many thanks for the knitting tin. My mother has claimed it temporarily and has promised to return it to me filled with biscuits - eventually.

Beanie all finished, thanks for your help. Glad you got the mojo back. :)