Sunday, February 04, 2007

It's my Blogiversary (but you get the presents!)

Once upon a time (on the 9th of January 2006, to be precise) I started a Kodak Gallery set called Creating in 2006 and sent invites to a few of my friends saying "Projects I have completed this year. Call back regularly for updates and blast me if there's been nothing new for a couple of weeks. Thanks!"

My first entry:
"OK, this one is sort of cheating as I made it in December to wear in the wedding party for Emma's wedding. A bit freaky (making the skirt, not the wedding - which, in case you were wondering was lovely) as I'd not really sewn for almost a decade... "

(ARGH! Look at the crappy quality of the photo - you can tell it's never been near Photoshop... What a lot I've learnt in the past year)

The skirt was followed soon after by my first piece of knitting in as long:"Jan 2nd: I got the overwhelming urge to knit a black and white Christmas stocking on December 16th. Which is kinda odd as a) I don't "do" Christmas (or so I thought) and b) I haven't knitted full size since I left NZ. After the prerequisite 2 week cool down period I finally took myself off to Spotlight and bought supplies over the New Year's weekend. Of course I completely changed the pattern. As usual. Pity I have to wait almost a year before I can use it.... (And I have a mad scheme to make extras to sell to rabid Collingwood footy supporters and thus keep my eBay habit funded)"

(OK, getting better at the photo taking - but how funny to think that just over 13 months ago I didn't own a single pair of knitting needles. The avalanche started here (look at that little itty bitty embryonic stash!))

On January 16th I noted the arrival of this fabric:which I used part of during my first Use What You Have Month in April. The rest, I decided, would be perfect to make my Blogiversary gift out of (more about that later in the post)

By February 4th 2006 I decided that Kodak Gallery wasn't doing it for me anymore and so The Shopping Sherpa blog was born. Right from the start it's been a mix of creating and frugalling and other stuff that wanders through my world.

I've met some fabulous people through here in the past year (you know who you are!), learnt lots, been more creative than I ever could have imagined, had things happened I never would have expected (getting a link from The National Museum still gives me shivers of excitement) and had a fine old time. And, of course, had some great swaps (and a couple of duds).

So, to celebrate, I invite you to leave me a comment. The names of everyone who comments on this post during the next week will go into a hat and someone (Nibbs?, Trudy Bunny?, My alter ego?, The Knitting Devil?) will pull out a random name.

If you're the lucky winner, I'll send you my latest Screaming Inside bag (especially chosen to be unisex, just in case I have more than one male reader - Hi Dad!):plus a few black and white goodies tucked in it (Alison, you'll pleased to see the addition of a third inside pocket just perfect for iPods after your feedback!)I can't wait to see what the next year brings and I hope you'll join me for the journey...

(Listening to: Eddi Reader, Simple Soul)


twitchy fingers said...

Happy blogiversary! Yours was one of the first blogs I ever started reading religiously, and I was sooooo excited that you were from Canberra too! Here's to the next year!

And I tell you what, I am 'screaming inside' personified! You do know that I'm a mother, wife AND public servant... if that doesn't set one screaming I don't know what will!

Taphophile said...

Oh happy blogiversary - is it a year already? Congrats onf a creative and enjoyable blog that I miss when I can't read daily. :)

rhiannon said...

Happy blog-o-versary! And thanks so much for the handy trademe tip!

alasen said...

Oh, I do approve of the extra pocket. My best friend sent me a pretty pretty bag from Hawaii, and it has two pockets similar in shape to yours, and they are awesome.

jd said...

Happy blogiversary!Just found your blog recently and so glad I did!

June said...

Reading your blog makes me feel like a world traveler and a better crafter!

Happy anniversary!

soph said...

i've only very recently started reading here, but i'm so glad i found you - i've thoroughly enjoyed browsing the archives. anyway, congratulations on your blogiversary, you sure know how to lure the lurkers out of hiding ;D

Kristin said...

A year? Where has the time gone? Soon you'll be eating solid food and off to college.

Anonymous said...

Happy Blog-Birthday!

I blogged about you today - go check it out.

I love your blog, especially your frugalling reports and crafty goodness.

(Also, the 80s music obsession I can relate to.)

Hope this year is as full and good for you.

x Helen

Carson said...

i haven't checked in on your blog for about a week on account of imminent homelessness..(enough to put you off your cornflakes let along your blogosphere)
and ... gourd!'ve been busy.
i must say i got excited when i saw that fifties fabric..from woy woy? no way ;)
but then i see it's ebay..oh well.
chookas on the blogoversary

Shanna said...

happy blogaversary my dear friend!! maybe i can use this as my excuse to finally open the champagne from new years's??? lol!!

Mondo Viagiatore said...

Happy blogoversary - is it only a year? I am sure you packed more adventures into this time, than anyone else could...Here's to the new year.

sarah said...

Thanks for sharing your world with us, TSS! I agree with taphophile - your creativity and sense of 'yumour' keep us coming back for more! Also a nice Canberra connection! Conrgats! ;)

Sandi said...

Happy blogiversary! And I just found you today.

Holly said...

Well....I just love that purse; so my name MUST be drawn. How about if I compliment you on the skirt you made and told you how lovely you must have looked in it????

Rachel said...

Congrats on the anniversary. I'll have some ginger beer to celebrate for you.I've been a faithful reader since the spring, I believe. TSS has become one of my favorite blogs. Here's to many more years of TSS.

Anonymous said...

Happy Blog-Birthday

Her Right Royal Duchessness N of Mosmania has requested that I convey her congratulations regarding this momentus event, and her warm wishes for the future.

Sven Von Trapman, Esq
Social Secretary to Her Right Royal Duchessness N of Mosmania

zarahs kort said...

I'll just have to celebrate by adding you to my bloglist - thus making the circle of readers bigger, this new year!

Happy blogiversary - and WOW on the bag - it's gorgeous!!

Ginger_nut said...

happy blogiversary TSS!

have you considered an etsy ( store for your bags? I think it's a bit better than ebay because it's only handmade goods. You may get a wider audience. Jump over and check it out!


natalia said...

I love your blog - my daughter is working on the plastic bag tote right now - five minutes after I showed her yours! I just found you yesterday and believe me I have you bookmarked now! Thanks!