Saturday, February 17, 2007

Second Hand Saturday

In the frugalling basket this week:

* 10 books for a total of $21 including a new looking copy of Arthur Ransome's Swallows and Amazons which I was very happy to find as J, M and I had stumbled into a conversation a few weeks ago about how we'd all loved that series of books as kids after having been given copies which we'd initially been reluctant to read.

In fact I can remember reading my copy, which my Grandmother had given me for Christmas, in our old plywood caravan one summer. I think it was raining and I was out of anything else to read. At first I'd been highly suspect about it ("a book about boys and boats - why would I want to read that?") but I went on to devour it and the rest of the series.

The only other book I can remember where I was when I read it was Laura Ingalls Wilder's The Long Winter which I also adored as a child.

But I digress...

* White ceramic owl for my burgeoning bird collection: $1

* Plastic container: 40 cents, 5 black coat hangers: 80 cents and toothbrush: 10 cents

* Wooden Easter bunny figure still in original box: $1 (which is going into the next parcel for Pink Trees). Brand new Alison candle for a friend: $1 and blue vintage pinny: 50 cents. This is looking for a new home to escape being cut up and turned into a bag. So if you'd like it, leave a comment and I'll post it out to you.

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Heidi said...

What's a pinny? I love the fabric but don't know if I want it because I don't know what it is!

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Hi Heidi

Rather than try to describe what a pinny is go here and have a look at the first item:

The pinny I have buttons at the neck, not halfway down the back and has ties for around the waist.

Helen said...

Hey - nice scores, Mrs! You do so well with books over in Aussie - I'm wondering if NZers are a bit more precioius about hoarding books - I rarely see good (contemporary) books at the oppie.

x Helen

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Hi Helen

And here I was grumbling because books here at the op shops are so much more expensive than what I see over at Thrift Shop Project. And, on top of that, some of the Vinnies seems to have just jacked their paperback prices up from $3 to $4 each. I was having a little rave about it then heard myself. I mean $4 is still pretty damned cheap, right?!

But you're probably right - books are more expensive in NZ to start with (scarily so, I find, when I go back). I guess therefore that people would buy less of them and when they were finished with them more would end up at second hand book shops rather than at the op shop.