Saturday, February 03, 2007

Just one of those days...

Stealing an idea off someone on my Bloglines (who I can't find now, wouldn't you know it?!)


Up obscenely early (I mean obscene - 4:30am ish - how did that happen?!):: Made a list - 9 parts work, 1 part fun:: Breakfast at 5am, back to bed at 6am, woke up again around 9am:: Ran errands:: Packed eBay stuff:: Went to the Library and discovered I had a fine which I tried to get out of on the premise that they hadn't emailed me to tell me the DVDs were coming due (didn't work):: Visited the lovely Lyneham Post Office agency and spent a lot of money:: Ran more errands:: Stood and admired the display of car stereos at JB Hi Fi before running away very fast:: Saw a one legged man riding a bicycle up Northbourne Ave:: Finally went to see Marie Antoinette:: At the new Dendy:: Swear I saw Converse sneakers in the Court of King Louis:: Came home and did two lots of eBay accounts (groan):: Have a secret project that needs to be finished for tomorrow (argh!) which I need to get onto.

Hope your day was less frenetic and more productive!

(Listening to: Various, Once in a Lifetime)

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